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cq5dam-web-372-372BuzzFeed reports on the state of Apple Music, and how the streaming music industry is a constant battle between getting paying customers and keeping content owners happy. It’s all a delicate balancing act, torn between getting and keeping subscribers with good features like personalised music playlists and exclusives from artists, while also retaining the artists that get subscribers in the first place.

Computer graphics company Nvidia is currently hiring for people to join the Mac graphics drivers team. The listings boast about successful candidates helping to produce the next revolutionary Apple products, which is either name-dropping the world’s most well-known company, or a hint at something big coming from Apple and Nvidia in the future, as speculated by AppleInsider.

All this time the Apple Watch has been out I’ve been wondering about when we’ll be seeing Apple Watch bands from some bigger brand names, and for the first time, both Belkin and Incase have shown off their Watch bands in NATO-style nylon and leather. Incase’s offerings are available now, and Belkin says on their website that their Watch bands are coming soon.

The second beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.1 has been released to developers and members of Apple’s public beta testing program, with apparently no notable changes besides the usual bug fixes and performance improvements that come with a second beta release.

A trio of patents recently granted to Apple describe some truly futuristic tech. There’s a laser-based depth-mapping solution, a mechanical keyboard that is capable of sensing touch-based events like a touchscreen, and last but not least, an optical-based connection standard that could one day use light to transmit information between a portable device and a docking station.

By all accounts, turning on iCloud sync for your Desktop and Documents on macOS Sierra sounds like a bad time, especially if you have multiple Macs. There’s very little in way of warning about what will happen, so the thing to do is to not panic when all your files just disappear. If they’re truly gone, then that’s the reason you have backups, otherwise, it might just be a case of spending a few minutes to look for them within your iCloud Drive.

Similarly, Apple’s limited cloud storage makes for a bad time if you have a large photo library. Photos handles large photo libraries poorly, and it may as well not handle multiple photo libraries, and even though I can’t see regular folks archiving photo libraries, it’s still a problem for those who take many photos.

Six Colors writes that Messages in iOS 10 is a big step up in terms of better features, but is a step backwards in terms of usability and feature discovery.

MacStories reviews ProTube, a better version of the official YouTube app. Not only does it not have ads like the official app, you also don’t need a Google account to use it.

There’s a feature in the new Music app on iOS 10 that lets you see the lyrics of the currently playing song, it’s just hidden behind a menu.

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  1. Having recently done the iCloud Photo Library thing, I can definitely identify with these frustrations. My library is around 130GB, and I would happily archive 100+ GB of this if I were able to seamlessly run multiple libraries. I ended up just coughing up for a bigger iCloud data subscription. You win this round, Apple.

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