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scratchJohn Gruber’s review of both iPhone 7 models doesn’t say as much about as the improvement as it does the detractors to the iPhone experience this time around, but that’s nothing compared to the one-word mention he gives the lack of a headphone jack in passing when referring to Beats headphones. He points out that the Home button on the new iPhones doesn’t feel as good as the physical clicknesss its predecessors, but it’s a minor blemish for an otherwise all-round improved device.

So far I’ve read three reviews, and I think The Verge has the most balanced review of the ones I’ve read. They recognise that the iPhone no longer exists in a vacuum on its own, nor is it ahead of the pack in every area when other manufacturers are packing bigger screens into smaller packages. The Verge calls the iPhones “incomplete”, yes, given that there’s no denying that the iPhone is in the middle of a transition between our wired past and wireless future, but they’re still damn fine phones.

TechCrunch’s review of the two iPhones has much more detail about how features such as the image fusion works in the Plus-sized model to give you the best image data from both cameras, even when you’re not zoomed in. There’s new wider colour gamut — first captured by the cameras, then displayed by the screen. But the thing that really shows me the difference between the Jet Black and the matte Black model is the micro-scratches that appeared on the review model, just five days into ownership.

Once you’ve finished reading about the new iPhones, there’s a new iOS update waiting for you. IOS 10 has been released to the public, and it’s now available over-the-air or via iTunes. MacStories has a 32-page review of iOS 10, covering every aspect of a significant software release from Apple.

One of the biggest new features of iOS 10 is sticker pages and Messaging apps, and iOS 10 launch day has plenty of both to get you started. MacStories and MacRumors share some of their favourites.

There’s also sticker packs from the Iconfactory, which come with surprises in the form of bonus stickers and bundles for you to purchase if you just want lots of everything.

Six Colors tells us about what’s new in Photos for iOS 10. Machine learning analyses your images and turns them into memories, if you want, otherwise places lets you remember where you’ve been and what photos you took while you were there.

For those of you rocking an older device, the good news is that iOS 10 runs pretty well on the iPhone 5 and 5C. You’ll miss out on some of the latest features, but most of those will be due to hardware limitations.

There’s also a new version of tvOS out today, with a new Dark Mode UI for those times when you’re watching something with the lights off.

And last but not least for the software updates is iTunes 12.5.1, which brings the new Apple Music design, and from my own testing, a lighter shade of blue to indicate a selected row. We’ll leave watchOS for tomorrow.

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  1. AVC says:

    Has WatchOS 3 dropped yet? It’s not appearing as an update for me yet :frowning:

  2. I installed it at a bit after 4am this morning shakes fist at insomnia

  3. Erwin says:

    You need to go to iOS 10 first before you can see watch OS 3

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