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mac-pro-gallery6-2013While the other Apple blogs in the Apple blogosphere are talking about which products we’ll be seeing on stage tomorrow, Six Colors does something different. They draw attention to the hard questions that will need to be answered by Apple, including their justification for removing the headphone jack and how an adapter or wireless tech will make up for removing a near-ubiquitous port. The other questions they pose are also interesting, but nowhere near as contentious.

A re-hash of an existing rumour saying Apple will be including Sony’s FeliCa tech in an upcoming iPhone model says it’s all part of a move to bring Apple Pay to Japan. MacRumors writes Apple will be equipping a future iPhone with the tech, even though Apple Pay’s arrival in Japan is expected to be a gradual rollout, and not until next year.

A number of Apple patents have revealed possible names for upcoming Apple products or mere fantasies. “Iris Engine”, “AirPod Case”, “Home Hub”, “Control Strip”, and “Smart Button” are all trademarks believed to be linked to Apple, seeing as other trademarks mention existing Apple products and services such as Siri, the iPad Pro’s True Tone display, and macOS Sierra.

The Verge spoke to the trademark attorney who discovered the filings, which are apparently hidden away from the public despite being trademark applications. The way they were discovered is that the attorney had someone physically go to a patent office and look up the filings, which weren’t hidden under a different name or otherwise made to look like they weren’t from Apple.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple is developing a superior version of Bluetooth that will be used in new wireless headphones, which will be targeting a higher market than Beats. All we need to know now is when Apple will be launching these wireless headphones.

The day before it’s superseded by a new model, the iPhone 6s has been named the world’s most popular smartphone. Data from Strategy Analytics says the iPhone 6s is two out of the top three smartphones sold worldwide, although that number will probably be changing within the next month.

Apple is looking for a reliable source of wireless charging chips, prompting speculation about a possible change in future iPhones to switch to wireless charging.

Airmail for iOS has gotten some nice updates in the latest version, including an undo send and an Apple Watch complication to launch the Airmail app on the Watch. MacStories breaks it down.

A number of Apple support articles relating to the 2013 Mac Pro have been archived by Apple, suggesting that Apple will be looking to refresh or retire the machine.

David Smith’s smart analysis of evolving App Store business models shows off trends from almost eight years of indie business in the App Store.

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  1. Wireless charging along with the removal of the headphone port would at least allow for you to listen with wired headphone while charging… Although I’d like to think they would implement both those things at once.

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