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macbook_pro_2016_case_topIt hasn’t even been a month since the release of the iPhone 7, but already the iPhone rumour mill has things to say about the 2017 iPhone. Joining Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times has now said that next year’s iPhone will have a home button built into the screen of the iPhone. The embedded home button is expected to come hand-in-hand with a screen that takes up the entirety of the front of the iPhone, eliminating display bezels and enabling Apple to have a larger screen size in the same form factor.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions for the next iPhone include speculation that Apple will return to a glass casing on future iPhones, given Apple’s current fascination with glossy finishes on its products. But an aluminium or stainless steel frame is expected to be paired with the glass, giving the device some measure of durability.

As for what the device will be called, a rumour from an Apple office in Israel says the 2017 iPhone will be called the iPhone 8. I’m still unsure if Apple will be acknowledging the iPhone’s 10th anniversary next year, but here’s hoping they pull out all the stops and do something incredible.

Curiously, Android Wear devices designed to work with iPhones are having issues pairing with the iPhone 7. It’s not currently known whether this is an underlying issue with iOS 10 or the hardware in the iPhone 7 being different enough to the iPhone 6s to cause enough of an incompatibility to matter, but you can bet Apple will want to be looking into it.

And pairing with Android Wear devices aren’t the only Bluetooth issues affecting the iPhone 7. In-car infotainment systems are also experiencing an increased number of Bluetooth-related oddities, including frequently dropped connections and devices showing they are paired even when they’re not. BMW owners seem to be particularly affected.

Apple has started selling Search Ads for the App Store, which will go live on October 5. I have concerns about a market that may end up pricing out indie developers, but maybe it’ll all work itself out, even if it does seem like a band-aid solution to App Store search (which at this point is perhaps beyond fixing).

George RR Martin and Apple has announced the availability of digital editions of A Game of Thrones, starting with A Game of Thrones: Enhanced Edition. The editions available on the iBookstore include interactive character maps, annotations, timelines, family trees, and more.

Rumour has it Apple is on track for a late October launch of new MacBook Pros. These are the ones which the rumour mills says will have an integrated OLED function row, although Touch ID is still a feature that’s up in the air.

One of the coolest iMessage apps I’ve seen is Phoneys, which lets you put stickers over other people’s text messages, then sit back and watch their confusion at what’s going on. Phoneys is $1.49, on the Australian App Store.

Apple’s latest ad is Balloons, which tells you about the expressive messages you can now send with full-screen and bubble effects in iOS 10’s Messages app.

Notable Replies

  1. Anecdotally, I have a strange Bluetooth issue where my Jaybird Freedoms will pause any playing audio for a quarter of a second after using the iPhone 7 and then locking it. Pressing the lock button to turn off the display and lock the device results in a quarter-second stutter, although not every time. It’s super weird, and something I never ran into on the iPhone 6.

  2. AVC says:

    I’m also having a different Bluetooth issue with my iPhone 7 Plus, and I can’t remember if it was there on my 6S Plus running iOS 10, but previously when I started my car my phone would let me know how long it would take to get to my next destination automatically, but I can’t for the life of me get it back on my 7, and it’s really bugging me :frowning: all the settings are right for it to occur, but I’m wondering if maybe my phone isn’t recognising my car’s inbuilt Bluetooth as a car.

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