Apple’s September 2016 Event Wrap Up, Courage Edition

Here’s the summary you were looking for: the headphone jack is dead, there’s these new wireless headphones called AirPods, and Apple did their own quick-fire, 107-second wrap up of the event so I don’t have to.

Check out the iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2, and AirPods product pages on the Apple website, and post up a comment in the September 2016 event topic in the forums.

Notable Replies

  1. :confetti_ball:

    My decision was depending on this. I wasn’t going to buy an iPhone if it still contained such ancient technology. Apple’s done the right thing.

  2. God you still mustn’t be able to buy it cause it has a thing called a telephone inside it, and that predates the 3.5mm headphone port…

    But yeah Apple has done its best to remove convenience, create more waste and generally be annoying. Hopefully it backfires on them, would teach them for releasing such a meh update.

  3. Nah, I love telephones! But headphone jacks? No way! I can only care about one thing at a time and 3.5mm jacks are what I’m going to focus on. I’ve already melted hot wax into my current iPhone’s headphone port just so it can’t ever be used, that’s how angry they make me.

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