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17985-16017-touchchips-lAppleInsider reports there’s an issue affecting the touch controller in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, that manifests as a patterned band across the top of the display. Over time, touch sensitivity and response times get progressively worse. A display replacement doesn’t appear to fix the issue, leading to speculation about a logic board issue, possibly due to a solder break on the touch controller chip.

The battle between Spotify and Apple Music rages on, with the latest being a feud over how much each company is paying. Spotify wants long-term contracts at lower prices, while Apple, who already pays labels more than Spotify does, is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition to labels and publishers due to their deep pockets.

One of the security-focused aspects of Apple Pay doesn’t get enough airtime, and it’s the fact that your card details are never handed over to retailers. Credit card compromises are becoming increasingly common, and to combat them, Apple uses transaction-specific dynamic security codes along with a unique device account number. 9to5Mac explains it further.

The Loop details how to setup two-factor authentication so you can let your Apple Watch unlock your Mac. The process is essentially two-step: first you’ll need to enable two-factor authentication (turning off two-step if you have that turned on), and then it’s a quick trip into System Preferences on the Mac to check the appropriate box.

Speaking of two-factor authentication, OS X Daily shares how to log into Apple’s two-factor authentication on older versions of iOS and OS X that don’t natively support the feature. Adding the PIN code to the end of your normal password is a great solution.

Sony has announced a wireless adapter that will allow the DualShock 4 controller to be paired to a Mac, meaning your Remote Play sessions just got a whole lot more fun if you’ve already got a PS4 and want to play on your Mac instead of a TV.

Office 2016 is now 64-bit, with yesterday’s update also bringing performance and stability improvements. Both Office 365 subscribers and those who purchased Office 2016 as a once-off now have access to the update which brings the Office suite into the world of 64-bit.

Instapaper is still my favourite read-it-later service, and they just announced they are joining Pinterest. They’re sunsetting Instaparser to focus on the core Instapaper product, which I hope will remain unchanged for years to come.

MacStories checks out PDF Expert 2 for Mac, which brings some powerful PDF editing tools to the table at a fraction of the cost of traditional PDF editing programs.

In case you think shutting down your Mac to clean the keyboard was too much of a big deal, there’s an app for that. I mean, why wouldn’t there be?

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  1. avolve says:

    This is a driving factor behind why I use Apple Pay (and I have never owned — or will use — a ‘loyalty’ type card). I had to open an account with ANZ to be able to do so.

    Convenience is a bonus.

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