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img_1230What’s rumoured to be the logic board of the next iPhone has been leaked on Weibo, giving us a chance to compare components to previous logic boards. MacRumors says it’s extremely likely Apple has switched to Intel as their supplier of baseband modems, although it’s still possible that Apple will be using models from both Intel and Qualcomm.

Merchandising reset hours from AT&T in the US has given us some insight into iPhone launch dates. According to the leak, it’s possible the new iPhone will be announced on September 9 and launch on September 23. There’s no concrete proof that the merchandise reset has anything to do with the iPhone, but it’s certainly a possibility.

With the Olympics continuing in Rio, Apple is skirting around an official Olympics sponsorship by gifting their flag-themed Apple Watch bands to Olympic athletes. 9to5Mac says there’s nothing in the rules that prevents Apple from doing so, as they’re not using the Olympics logo, the Rio 2016 logo, or any other kind of branding which would otherwise infringe on the sponsorship rules.

TechCrunch reports Apple is planning to build a new R&D facility in China, but that’s about all we know. Apple CEO Tim Cook is currently on a tour of the region, and it’s expected that the facility will open before the end of the year, with speculation saying it’s possible they would be better-positioned to work on weird wireless technology standards unique to China, as well as any hardware projects.

Apple has won a patent infringement lawsuit against Farstone, a PC backup provider. The lawsuit alleged Apple’s Time Machine backup and restore interface infringed on a patent held by Farstone, with Apple eventually winning the appeal after the original lawsuit was dismissed from court for attempting to cover “too many issues”.

Also in Apple patent news, AppleInsider writes about Apple being granted a pair of 3D computer vision patents. The first patent describes a method where a computer recognises a hand-motion and translates that into a user interface action, while the second uses sensors in a mobile device to determine its location and motion.

A refresher on Mac keyboard shortcuts has what the symbols in menu bar items mean, as well as a collection of general keyboard shortcuts found in many apps.

The Apple Store at One World Trade Center comes with the features of the modern Apple Store, including “avenues” for displaying and concealing specific product lines and accessories, and recessed power outlets in the wooden tables that appear and disappear with the touch of a hand. TechCrunch has photos.

Over at The Verge, Walt Mossberg says he couldn’t replace his laptop with an iPad Pro due to Apple’s keyboard being a poor example of a portable keyboard and case. Logitech’s Create isn’t perfect, but it comes damn close to being the ideal keyboard and case combo for turning your 9.7-inch iPad Pro into a true laptop replacement.

Microsoft’s latest ad for the Surface flies in the face of Apple’s recent ads saying the iPad is a computer now, pointing out the iPad’s flaws such as no external ports, the inability to run the full versions of apps such as Office, and the lack of power that comes from a non-Intel processor.

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  1. Having owned a Surface Book and now an iPad Pro - the iPad is far superior. If I need to use any full fledged Windows apps then I can just RDP to my terminal server or use a RemoteApp. Sure not everyone has this option so I accept that. I don’t care that I can’t plug anything into my iPad. There’s nothing I need to plug into it! I access everything via the cloud and tether my iPhone for internet. All that aside the native iOS apps for everything (including Microsoft Office) are perfectly functional for what I need out of a mobile device.

  2. I’ve had issues with spreadsheets on iOS not working properly with my iPad where as the run fine on my work Surface Pro 4, more importantly MYOB runs on Apple and Windows but not on iOS.

  3. Erwin says:

    A touch screen MacBook (or MBA) would solve this. iOS is great but I need to do too much on OS X to rely on my iPad Pro for my current work.

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