Friday Morning News

originalA new type of iPhone malware reportedly jailbreaks the device with one click, taking advantage of three zero-day exploits all at once. The malware, discovered and reported on by Motherboard, originates from an Israeli security firm called NSO Group, which silently steals all of the information on the target device. Every call, every text message, every email, contact, all the information contained within apps, everything. It’s very bad news for iPhone security, with the only good news being that these kinds of exploits are extremely rare.

As a result, Apple has released iOS 9.3.5 to combat the “trident” vulnerabilities as discovered as part of the one-click malware. Apple says that these releases were also fixed in the latest iOS 10 betas, and now more than ever before, you should update your device in order to be protected against these kinds of attacks.

Rumour has it Apple is developing their own video sharing and editing application, in order to capitalise on the runaway popularity of social networks such as Vine and Snapchat. According to Bloomberg, a new focus within the company seeks to integrate social media within Apple’s own apps, although traditionally Apple hasn’t been very good at social.

It’s interesting to note we’ve reached the point where microphone tech is holding us back from better voice-powered personal assistants. Siri and other voice assistants are limited by their voice capturing tech, and the microphones of today have issues picking up distant voices or filtering out background noise, not to mention the significant energy consumed by an always-on microphone.

An estimate places the worst-case bill for Apple’s European tax evasion at US$19 billion, with perhaps a more realistic figure coming in at under $10 billion. 9to5Mac writes that it’s almost certain Apple will lose the case, given precedent in other European countries.

A new Apple patent describes systems and methods to capture biometric information for the identification of unauthorised users. The patent contains a flow chart which explains it as capturing identifying information once a threshold has been reached, where it can later provide that information at a later date.

Customer satisfaction for streaming video services ranks Apple’s iTunes Store as below the industry average, while placing Netflix at the top of the list. Interesting to note that at least in the US, many people still have a paid TV service in addition to whatever streaming package they have.

The luxurious convenience of Apple Music (or any streaming music service, really) is that you can listen to pretty much any track you care to name. The downside of all of this is that it also somewhat traps you in the streaming music ecosystem, but perhaps owning music is for suckers.

An update to Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard for iOS now lets you search GIFs, emoji, images, and anything that Bing can find.

A rare version of the Apple-I with a green PCB has sold at auction for $815,000, with the proceeds from the auction going to charity. The “Celebration” Apple-I, with its green PCB, was never part of any production run or sold to the public, making it rare and almost as cool as the time Apple purchased some of its own vintage software from eBay to complete their own collection.

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