Friday Morning News

17801-15628-iphone-7-01-xlMost of the iPhone part leaks so far have been of the rear enclosure, which tell us some interesting things about the antenna bands and the camera cutout. Equally as interesting is the first part leak of the iPhone’s front, with the front panel appearing to show dual sensor cutouts and a longer and wider earpiece cutout. A separate photo appears to show a completely-assembled iPhone running Apple’s test software. There’s no saying whether the latter is the real deal or not, but the lack of a headphone jack and redesigned camera cutout will be concerning to some.

Apple has released iOS 9.3.4, which they say is an important security update for all devices that run iOS 9. Ars Technica says the update contains a fix for an issue which allowed arbitrary code execution, putting a stop to any potential jailbreaking shenanigans.

Rumour has it Apple is working on a digital television guide for the Apple TV. Being able to tell customers what’s on in each of the programming apps now available on the Apple TV seems like a powerful lure, especially given that Apple has tried and somewhat failed to sell TV to customers. But if they can sell TV programming, then maybe that’s not so bad of a trade.

A number of high-profile designers have filed in support of Apple in a five year old patent lawsuit. MacRumors says Calvin Klein, Dieter Rams, Norman Foster, and others who have collectively provided to as many big-name brands as you can name, believe that Apple is entitled to profits earned by Samsung from copying Apple’s patented designs.

Debate continues to rage about Apple’s decision to change the gun emoji in iOS 10 to a toy water gun. If every other platform shows a revolver where Apple devices show a water pistol, it sends an entirely different message, which could be just as dangerous as including a gun emoji in the first place. Emojipedia says the better solution is to simply hide the gun emoji, removing it from the emoji keyboard altogether, but retaining the original revolver graphic.

An elaborate phishing scam to capture your iCloud credentials after your iPhone has been lost reminds us about the constant vigilance required to not fall prey to these kinds of attempts. While very few people would have gone through the process of marking a phone as lost without it ever being so (meaning they’re not sure what to expect), attention to detail could be the difference between losing just your phone but also your personal information stored in your iCloud account.

As previously rumoured, Apple has updated their Apple Store app with a new recommendation feature based on products you already own.

Gaming site Zam discusses how the Deus Ex team distilled the Deus Ex experience into a mobile-friendly format in Deus Ex Go. It’s essentially a re-skin and re-adaptation of the Go versions of Hitman and Lara Croft, but it’s still better than attempting to jam the entire Deus Ex experience onto mobile.

Thrillist has secrets from the Apple Store as revealed by former Apple employees, like how Apple Store employees aren’t directly allowed to tell you that they can’t help you, and how you can hang out in the Apple Store as long as you want, provided you mind your own business and don’t smell.

Apple’s latest ad “The Human Family” shows of the diversity of humans, as shot by iPhone users around the world and narrated by Maya Angelou.

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