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Watch42Band-Olympic-Flat-Australia-SCREENRumour has it this year’s iPhone will come with a Lightning to headphone jack adapter, instead of a set of Lightning-equipped EarPods. Supply chain sources indicate that with the lack of a headphone jack on the device, Apple will go down the path of Lightning to audio adapters instead of going all-in on Bluetooth, potentially easing the pain of switching away from a near-ubiquitous port in favour of whatever other innovation this year’s iPhone will bring.

Renowned phone leaker Evan Blass has predicted a week of September 12 release for this year’s iPhone. Citing no source in his tweet and giving no additional details, it’s not much to go on but Blass has been correct about many phone leaks in the past. Note that he says release, so perhaps we’ll be seeing an Apple event in late August for an announcement.

Apple is facing yet another class action lawsuit, this time for providing refurbished replacement devices under AppleCare+. The lawsuit alleges that refurbished devices provided by Apple fail to meet Apple’s own “equivalent to new in performance and reliability” terms, as despite Apple’s refurbed devices being cosmetically new, there’s a good chance they’re manufactured from previously-repaired parts.

Apple is releasing limited-edition Apple Watch bands to celebrate the Olympics in Rio this year. The exclusive Woven Nylon bands come in a variety of colours to represent different countries, but will be sold at a single location in Rio. Maybe not worth a trip to Rio unless you were already planning on going, but otherwise well worth picking up.

With Pokémon Go taking over the streets, Apple says the app broke the record for the most downloads in its first week. It’s pretty impressive, given that Go only launched in New Zealand, Australia, and the US to start off with.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely be updating your Macs and iOS devices to the latest OS X and iOS releases. Both iOS 9.3.3 and OS X 10.11.6 patch vulnerabilities related to TIFF image exploits, which can allow remote code execution on your Mac or iOS device.

Only 175 Apple-I computers were ever created by the Jobs-Wozniak duo, and of those, only 60 of those machines are still in existence. Auction site CharityBuzz will be auctioning off one such Apple-I tomorrow, and it’s expected to fetch up to a million dollars, with the proceeds being donated to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Six Colors reviews the Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro. The good news is, the keys are as clicky and as noisy as you’d expect from a mechanical keybord, but the bulk of the keyboard case means it turns your iPad into a laptop. Might be useful if you’re going to be doing a lot of typing, but it’s also $260 in Australia.

Macworld has a few reasons to run your own Mac server, which can provide handy administration benefits even if you don’t have multiple Macs or iOS devices in your household.

Stephen Hackett talks a look back at the iSight Camera, one of the more collectible Apple accessories due to it’s Braun-inspired design.

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