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RzrMKcaseiPadPro_02.0In a Q&A piece over at the Hollywood Report, Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue reveals a little about Apple’s media strategy. He wants Apple to be a platform for companies to get content to consumers, whether that’s via the Apple TV or via apps on the iPhone and iPad. He thinks the Apple TV is better than the cable set-top box (although he doesn’t know whether it will replace it) and doesn’t think of Netflix as a competitor to what Apple is doing with streaming media.

More iPhone part leaks give us a look at the rear of the device, which features the same larger camera lens cut-out and repositioned antenna bands that we’ve been seeing for a while now. For the first time, we also get a look at the various colours, suggesting that there will be no changes to the iPhone colour choices when the device is released later this year.

Rumour has it the next iPhone could feature a larger battery, with battery capacity going from 1715mAh to 1960mAh. It’s possible that Apple will point out increased battery life, but I wonder if a 14% increase is enough to make any noticeable difference in battery life.

Apple is planning to open an imaging research lab in Grenoble, France, with MacRumors reporting the location will be used for “developing improved imaging sensors and techniques”. Around 30 engineers will be working in the space, with a fringe benefit being that Apple will be able to provide researchers with specialised equipment.

AppleInsider takes a look at the massive expanses of glass that will serve double duty as both walls and windows at Apple’s new Campus 2 headquarters. The glass panels themselves are up to 14m long and over 3m tall, and Apple’s glass manufacturing partner Sedak is one of the best in the world for large-format, high quality glass panels.

Macworld’s Jason Snell tells us about a few ways to improve Family Sharing. He says the feature still feels like a 1.0, despite being introduced in iOS 8, and there are a few low-hanging fruit which could resolve a few issues with it.

In their hands on with the voicemail transcription feature in iOS 10, 9to5Mac notes that you need Visual Voicemail for the feature to work. If you’ve got the beta installed on an iPhone, we also have a discussion topic in the forums.

An under-the-radar feature of iOS 10 is the ability for apps to broadcast live video. The option to broadcast live was found within Swift Playgrounds, and while no apps currently support live broadcast of video, there’s a good chance it will be built into games and apps soon enough.

Razer thought it would be a good idea to release a mechanical keyboard of sorts for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, so they did. The Mechanical Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro at least looks pretty good, with the keys even being backlit for easier typing in dark environments. No word on Australian availability, but the keyboard case will retail for US $170 in the US.

Ars Technica has another great Swift Playgrounds piece, this time as what it’s like to learn to code on an app that was designed for childen, but can be used by a 30-something.

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