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17122-14317-160607-Speaker-2-lApple’s Chinese manufacturing partners have already begun shipping metal injection-moulded hinges for a 13-inch MacBook, which will ultimately result in an even thinner design. MacRumors reports the parts are destined for a future 13-inch MacBook Pro, which may just coincide with a MacBook Pro update that features an OLED function key row.

If you’ve been wondering about how the OLED function key row would work, then 9to5Mac explains it as a dynamic shortcut bar that developers can program for, much like how some iOS apps have their own shortcut bar above the keyboard in iOS. It seems less likely that the bar will be used as any kind of input device beyond shortcuts, given that the Magic Trackpad is already a thing that exists and is probably much better than a thin, touch-sensitive strip at the top of your keyboard.

WWDC is just around the corner, and the WWDC wish-lists have started popping up. Six Colors says Mac and OS X improvements are on the way, with Siri being one of the most obvious inclusions, but other core Mac apps also needing a little love. Although hardware updates aren’t WWDC, both the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro are getting to the point where they need some kind of update that isn’t just a speed bump.

Some further detail on potential Photos and iCloud Photo Library improvements from a developer who recognises how hard syncing is says there’s improvements to be made on both fronts. Photos could do with a few new features, of course, but being able to sync features between Photos on the Mac and Photos on iOS would be pretty cool, too.

Meanwhile, iMore wonders what iOS 10 will bring to the iPad Pro. WWDC will undoubtedly see the release of iOS 10, but what will that mean for Apple’s biggest tablet? Will multitasking get better, will people be able to split more than one app at a time, and will iOS finally see USB drives as external storage?

The Loop thinks it’s about time Apple came up with a Siri API, so developers can go about integrating Siri into their own apps.

Now that iOS has a Night Mode, what about a Dark Mode, too? The WWDC app fuelled speculation on the topic, even becoming the basis for an iOS 10 Dark Mode concept.

There’s more than few things Apple could break out of iTunes, and the argument for a separate Mac podcast client is strong; there’s already a separate podcast player on iOS, and podcast playback and discovery isn’t as good as it could be within iTunes.

AppleInsider takes a look at Apple’s latest patents, which covers liquid resistant speaker port and bone-conducting headphones which may deliver noise-cancelling capabilities.

The latest update to Instagram brings a share extension, making it easier than ever to share your photos to Instagram from whatever other app you’re using.

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  1. AVC says:

    This is desperately needed. I have a few LIFX wifi bulbs in my house and because they’re not HomeKit compatible I have to fire up the LIFX app to control them. Having Siri able to be integrated into apps would be great!

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