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slack-imgs-2-comWith rumours about this year’s iPhone claiming that it will ship without a headphone jack, speculation turns to what Apple will be doing with the included accessories. One website claims Apple will ship a standard pair of EarPods with the iPhone, including a Lightning adapter in the box for to allow regular headphones (and the EarPods) to connect, although MacRumors notes that it’s also possible Apple will come out with Lightning-enabled EarPods for the launch.

A different rumour says Apple may be thinking about including dual SIM card trays in the next iPhone. Dual-SIMs means the iPhone would be able to interact with multiple carriers, using a different SIM card for calls or text messages. This is the kind of rumour that would need some kind of software backing though, so you’d expect people to find evidence of dual-SIM support in the iOS 10 betas, unless Apple’s doing an insanely great job of hiding it.

A ruling in India grants Apple the standard three-year exemption against sourcing products locally, with a further five years available if Apple can prove it deals in “state-of-the-art” and “cutting-edge” technology that was previously unavailable in the country. 9to5Mac says that the five years probably won’t be necessary, as Apple’s manufacturing plant will satisfy the local products clause.

Spotify’s 100 million customers is impressive enough, but that’s including free and paid subscribers. Still, Spotify’s 30 million paid subscribers is double the number of Apple Music subscribers, which currently sits around the 15 million mark.

More evidence has been found in favour of Apple developing a “dark mode” UI for iOS. The simulator is still the easiest place to show off the dark mode UI, thanks to unique code injection capabilities not found on real hardware, so for now, this is more of a proof-of-concept rather than a working implementation.

A little late to the party on this one, but the youngest ever developer at WWDC and mentioned by Apple CEO Tim Cook on stage is Melbourne grade four student Anvitha Vijay. SMH tech columnist Peter Wells talked to her at WWDC last week, and MacRumors also published a piece based on USA Today’s interview.

Speaking of WWDC, Federico Viticci writes about the relative lack of iPad features. It’s not that Apple doesn’t care about the iPad, but that it’s more likely these features will come later in the iOS 10 release cycle, possibly early 2017.

IMore’s analysis of the design language changes coming as part of iOS 10 is an interesting look at how Apple’s use of layers results in a better user experience.

Photos on macOS Sierra will support recognising seven different facial expressions, can generate moments based on 33 different categories, and allow searches for 4,432 different scenes and objects, according to one developer.

AppleInsider says some Apple Stores are removing the non-Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro from display. While Apple are still selling the machine that’s on track to becoming the longest-selling Mac ever, they’re surely downplaying its significant in a lineup that values solid-state storage and Retina-class displays above optical drives, of all things.

Notable Replies

  1. kyte says:

    Still hope they don’t remove the headphone jack, thats how my BGL device connects for transferring data. :frowning:

  2. Erwin says:

    Apple didn’t bat an eyelid when they removed USB ports, display ports, etc. - I don’t think they would hesitate to remove the headphone jack…

  3. kyte says:

    True. Oh well. I had always planned to get a 6 something when the 7 arrived, guess I will stick to the plan.

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