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wc-gallery-01Coach’s upcoming bands for the Apple Watch will be released on June 12. The bands will come in three styles, each in three different colour schemes for a total of nine more bands, and they’re the most visually unique Apple Watch Bands I’ve seen because they come with charms and other accessories that stick out from the main watch band.

A concept of what the MacBook Pro with OLED Function key row looks like opens up the possibilities for customisation. The function keys could dynamically update based on whether you’re pressing the Function key or not, showing the appropriate keyboard shortcut for changing volume, brightness, or media controls, or otherwise the standard F1-12 keys, as well as power and escape.

A WWDC wishlist from 9to5Mac gives us a quick walk-through of a few features that could make it into this year’s releases of iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS. Note that they’re already calling OS X “MacOS”, which is either gross optimism or they know something we don’t, and Apple are going to capitalise the M even though there’s no precedent for them doing so with any of their other -OS titles.

Apple is now number three on the Fortune 500, behind Walmart and Exxon Mobile in terms of revenue. Apple’s previously placed fifth in 2015 and 2014, and the company’s profile tells us about slowing iPhone and iPad sales, Apple’s push into new markets, and their next big thing. Whatever that is.

Speaking of new markets, it’s possible the Indian Government will turn around and give Apple a 2-3 year exemption on selling 30% of locally manufactured or produced goods. MacRumors reports Apple will eventually look at the option of manufacturing in the country to satisfy the rule.

Apple has released the second beta of iOS 9.3.3, OS X 10.11.6, watchOS 2.2.2, and tvOS 9.2.2 week before WWDC, but I’m wondering what all this testing is for if it isn’t contributing to Apple’s software quality perception problem. Or maybe it is, but what we really need is public releases and more frequent updates of services like Apple Music and iCloud.

Bose’s latest QC35 headphones have the best-in-class noise-cancelling of their QC25 headphones, but also feature Bluetooth connectivity for a truly wireless experience. 9to5Mac takes the angle that Bose are gearing up for an iPhone without a headphone jack, but to my mind, this was simply a logical evolution of their widely-lauded noise-cancelling headphone product, which has never been available in a wireless version despite competitors. Either way, I can see lots of second-hand QC25s going for sale once these go reach wider availability.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a truly different iOS app, and Ummo might be that app. Ummo uses speech recognition technology to analyse your speech, acting as a personal speech coach to remove filler words and increase clarity through near-realtime feedback. MacStories has more details on how it all works.

A look at the default wallpaper of every Mac OS X release thus far provides some perspective for the upcoming Mac OS release.

The latest Apple Music ad doesn’t feature Taylor Swift, but does feature DJ Khaled and Drake’s new single Free, along with other celebrities.

Notable Replies

  1. I don’t get what an OLED Function row gives me that I don’t already have. Except something else to consume my battery.

  2. Some of the various things I’ve heard/read are that it could be:

    • a dock bar
    • notifications
    • Information widgets
    • fn keys
    • Siri??

    Of course being a screen of some sort means that the keys can be contextually aware and change their icon/position/shape/size/colour as needed by the current app. I suppose the hope is that common commands are more accessible by “average users”… but then I assume the average user is the person who grabs the mouse to click through the menus rather than click the icons anyway :flushed:

    While that could be an interesting little addition I can’t help but wonder if this “innovation” is a bit of a desperate grab for anything at all that might be new or different??

  3. Well, it’s a screen, so you can turn it off when you’re not using it. Perhaps Apple will have some kind of proximity sensor to notice when you’re moving your fingers towards it and turn it on/off automatically?

    But yeah, as for what you’d be using it for, a touchscreen display = the possibilities are endless! And if not, I’m sure Jony Ive will be happy to explain it to us from within that white room of his in about a week :slight_smile:

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