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unknown-91465981378176We’re doing something a little different this morning by covering all the iOS news out of WWDC. There’s a whole bunch of it, and instead of spreading it out over a couple of days, I figure it might be a better idea to get it all done and dusted — at least until people uncover other stuff hidden in the betas.

A complete overview of iOS 10 from MacStories is indeed fairly complete, giving us a full picture of the changes coming to Apple’s mobile and tablet software platform. They tell us about most of the major changes to iOS cornerstones such as the user experience, Phone, messages, keyboard, and other pillars of the iOS experience. It’s a great summary of the changes coming to iOS 10.

Similarly, 9to5Mac has a video walkthrough of 75 new features and changes in iOS 10. Running beta releases hours after announces their availability on stage means you can be the first to publish.

One of the biggest changes in iOS 10 is how widgets are making the jump from Notification Centre to your home and lock screens. Instead of just showing information, a new level of interaction is also now possible with the widgets. While some notification types have always been actionable, Apple is taking that to the next level with iOS 10.

MacRumors shares a number of iOS 10 tidbits, including read receipts on a per-conversation basis in Messages, a wake alarm that reminds you when it’s bedtime, and music storage optimisation that automatically removes songs from your on-device library that you haven’t played in a while.

A separate iOS 10 features on iPhone and iPad post from 9to5Mac covers a number of other changes. It looks as though more Apple apps support the Split View multitasking on the iPad, and there’s also 3D Touch features on some icons in the Control Center.

Speaking of the iPad, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro now gets a triple-pane Mail interface, with one column for inboxes and folders, another for messages in the currently selected mailbox, and another again for the actual message itself. Notes also gets a similar triple-folders/lists/contents view.

For those concerned about the lack of 3D Touch on their devices, Apple has confirmed to developers that 3D Touch-enabled notification features in the first iOS 10 beta will eventually be supported by devices that don’t have 3D Touch. It’s an interesting move, as it would remove a major selling reason for Apple’s latest and greatest hardware, but at the same time there’s the crowd that want all the latest features on their year-old devices, such as the iPhone SE.

A new feature coming as part of Maps in iOS 10 will remember where you parked your car. AppleInsider says the feature will automatically remember the location of your car at the end of a trip that doesn’t end at your house, and from there you can access the location of your car from a widget.

TechCrunch says RAW image capture will be possible with iOS 10, with Apple opening up APIs for capturing RAW image data from the rear camera only. While Apple will allow capture of RAW and JPG images simultaneously, there’s no word on whether Apple’s built-in camera app will allow RAW image capture.

Apple has also confirmed that Game Center will no longer be available as a standalone app in iOS 10, although the underlying service will continue on.

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  1. tcn33 says:

    When enabled, the recurring wake-up alarm will remind you when it is time to sleep, track how many hours you slept, and provide detailed sleep analysis.

    I wonder how this works. Might be a sign of sleep tracking coming to ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ.

  2. Erwin says:

    What about in a multi-storey car park like in a shopping centre or airport? That’s where the gold is.

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