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wwdc16-ogYou’ve probably all seen it by now, but Cult of Mac shared what might turn out to be the redesigned MacBook Pro chassis. The part, which reportedly comes from one of Apple’s manufacturing partners in China, appears to confirm previous rumours that the newly redesigned MacBook Pro will feature an OLED touchpad in place of where the function keys normally are. In addition, the part also features cut-outs for four USB-3/Thunderbolt ports, which would be a damn sight better than the single port found on the current MacBook.

While there’s no new rumours about this year’s iPhone, rumour has it the 2017 iPhone might have a OLED display that’s curved on both vertical edges. Recent devices from Samsung and Chinese manufacturer Vivo sport a curved display on the right and left edge, but whether Apple will play copycat or introduce something new to the design remains to be seen.

Apple has sent out press invites for the WWDC Keynote, which kicks off at 3AM AEST on Tuesday, 14 June. As per previous WWDC keynotes, new versions of iOS and OS X are expected to make their debut at the developer conference, and it’s also possible we’ll see this year’s keynote cover tvOS and watchOS, recent newcomers to the scene.

AppleInsider’s WWDC keynote predictions include iOS 10, some new version of Mac OS X. More specifically, they’re expecting Siri improvements, some kind of Apple Music revamp (as long as we don’t have a cringe-inducing personality appealing to Apple developers), and perhaps the hint of new Mac hardware. New iPhones are definitely off the table though, as it’s much too early for that.

One rumour claims Apple are preparing a Thunderbolt Retina 5K display with an inbuilt graphics card, which would resolve many of the issues that currently surround driving that many pixels. Such a display would mean that every Mac in the lineup would be able to drive the machine, which would essentially be a mini-computer all by itself.

IMore has a little more information on the sheer graphics power needed to drive a 5K display, which might be why the option is only currently offered on the high-end iMac. While you can buy a 4K iMac, doing so at 21 inches is a little on the small side — and while a 4K at 27-inches isn’t bad, why not go for the extra resolution?

An online retailer has leaked the existence of Coach-branded Apple Watch straps. While official pricing from Apple remains a mystery, speculation says the new Coach leather bands will set you back about US $150.

It’s possible Apple will be offering bonds for sale in Australia in the near future, with the company currently consulting with ANZ, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs on a possible sale date depending on market conditions.

Six Colors takes us through upgrading a Mac Mini server, which generally involves taking the entire thing apart if you want to swap out the hard drives.

IMore’s list of the best emoji apps for the iPhone gets pretty wild, in terms of how custom keyboards change the look and feel of your keyboard.

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