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tumblr_inline_o83fnqACEy1rs5iq9_1280Contrary to previous rumours, iMore claims Apple will not be releasing a display with integrated external graphics card at WWDC this year. They’re suspiciously specific about the details, saying that while a monitor with an integrated graphics card could drive all those pixels and be powered by a single connection to the machine, it won’t be announced at WWDC but there will be lots of other cool things.

Apple has released an updated version of iOS 9.3.2 that resolves bricking issues on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Build 13F72 is the one you’re after.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk doesn’t think Apple’s electric vehicle will be ready for mass production or ship by 2020. Musk also said at this year’s Code Conference that Apple’s electric car was a missed opportunity in a fast-paced industry.

Instead of having to pay $533 million in a patent case versus Smartflast, Apple decided it would go down the patent invalidation route. According to Bloomberg, Smartflash won a case against Apple in Feburary 2015 for the method used by iTunes for the storage and payment for data, but has since had their patents invalidated due to data storage being an abstract concept, not a specific invention.

Third party case manufacturers still seem to be confused about whether this year’s iPhone will have the Smart Connector or not. I’m surprised they haven’t received an official set of schematics from Apple which would tell them either way — but perhaps it’s too early for that and Apple don’t want to give the game away.

The Mac Observer details issues with the 2013 Mac Pro, where owners have been experiencing random freezing issues related to the D300, D500, and D700 graphics cards. While Apple has a repair program in place for D500 and D700 graphics cards, no such repair program exists for the D300 which also experiences random freezing.

A Reuters report says Apple Pay adoption outside of the US is slow due to technical issues, low consumer adoption, and resistance from banks. Bendigo Bank has had issues accepting Apple Pay at some merchant terminals, and while 60% of card transactions in Australia are contactless, getting people to switch banks for that specific feature is a hard sell when we already have contactless payments.

AppleInsider claims there’s big plans in store for the Apple TV and tvOS at WWDC this year, with Apple planning to bring even more things to the big screen.

MacStories has a deeper look into fixing the App Store, which now has so many apps that app discovery is an issue. Charts are not an issue in terms of discovering new apps, but the ability to search apps is critical for a platform that has over 1.5 million offerings.

The new Zen Mode in Alto’s Adventure removes scores, coins, powerups, and most of the on-screen UI, providing a much more relaxing experience where it’s just you and the mountain.

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  1. I cannot wait to play this mode.

  2. I’m currently on level 60 with 1,933,678m under my belt but with a best total score of only 165,769 the last goal of 250,000 in one run is proving somewhat difficult… Zen is nice and all… but I want (need) to reach the goals.

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