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Apple's New ortable Music PlayerQuartz tells us about Apple losing exclusive access to the iPhone name in China, after a court ruled that a Beijing-based company was allowed to brand leather products with the name “IPHONE”. While it’s incredibly weird to see the iPhone label on leather products, the overall impact of the trademark dispute will probably be minor.

A telecommunications official has told Bloomberg the bad news, saying that the Indian government will not allow Apple to sell refurbished iPhones in the country. The official states that allowing Apple to sell refurbished iPhones in India would undermine the government’s “Made in India” program, which currently promotes companies manufacturing their products in the country.

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s appearance on CNBC’s Mad Money discusses the Wall Street reaction to Apple’s financial results for the quarter. The full transcript of his interview with Mad Money host Jim Cramer is over at iMore.

Some smart analysis of Cook’s words tell us about Apple’s product strategy for the Apple Watch. The Mac Observer explains that Apple’s choice to keep sales numbers a secret is designed to both make the Apple Watch succeed while not alarming the competition.

Bloomberg takes a slightly more pessimistic view of Cook’s appearance on Mad Money, saying that Apple has been misjudging its own business and has so far failed to provide investors for an inevitable slowdown in growth, even if that slowdown is only temporary.

An iPhone part leak says the 3.5mm audio jack is here to stay. Amidst rumours of Apple removing the 3.5mm headphone jack and going with either a wireless or Lightning-based audio connection standard, a component leak for the next iPhone appears to suggest that it’ll stick around, at least for this year’s iPhone.

DigiTimes is saying that Apple has lowered orders for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus due to declining sales. On the other hand, Apple has increased orders for the iPhone SE, due to demand outstripping supply — as it turns out, people want smaller iPhones. But that still doesn’t explain the runaway popularity of the larger-screened iPhones in 2015, which were Apple’s best-selling iPhones of all time.

Speaking of the iPhone, Time has named the iPhone as the most influential gadget of all time. Apple’s Macintosh computer comes in third place, while the iPod still manages to make the top ten at number nine.

Apple has seeded the fourth betas of iOS 9.3.2, OS X 10.11.5, and tvOS 9.2.1 to developers.

Want to get woken up by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? There’s an app for that. I’m not entirely sure why, but there is.

Notable Replies

  1. How is Jim Cramer still on CNBC after having been thoroughly debunked as a moron by Jon Stewart? He was shown to be complicit with the banks in their contribution to the 2008/9 financial crash.

  2. Re: the success of the iPhone SE - Steve/Apple told us for years when Samsung and others were putting out stupidly big plank-like phones that the size of the 5 was the perfect ratio for most people to use 1 handed, and they were correct. Apple later caved and put out the larger sized iPhones, and I think successfully dented that market and deeply annoyed Samsung and others, but a lot of people have realised that the things are unwieldy in the hand, slippery as a hagfish and entirely unnecessary. I, for one, welcome the return of the 5 form factor.

  3. I agree. The 5 series was outside of my upgrade cycle, and the 6/6+ as nice a pieces of tech as they are, they were too large for putting in pocket.

    Looking forward to upgrading my 4S to an SE

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