Tuesday Morning News

quitterA rumour out of China claims the next iPhone will have a slightly larger battery than the current iPhone models. The 4.7-inch iPhone goes from 1715mAH to 1735mAH, while the Plus-sized model gets an increase of 60mAH going from 2750mAH to 2810mAH. It’s unclear whether these (admittedly minor) battery improvements are coming from, but it’s possible a redesigned interior is making space for a few extra millimetres of battery here and there.

Apple’s Chief Design Officer Jony Ive recently introduced the Manus X Machina exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. AppleInsider describes the piece by the museum’s Costume Institute as a “celebration of fashion as a form of art and technological expression”, and the exhibit will form the centrepiece for this year’s Met Gala.

Because we’re still talking about the important topic of the FBI and their position which is often at loggerheads with our own personal privacy (and will be for some time), the latest is a report from the LA Times about a woman who was forced to provide her fingerprint to unlock her device by a federal judge.

Edward Snowden says the FBI should disclose the iPhone vulnerability to Apple “in the interest of national cybersecurity”, despite the FBI previously disclosing other vulnerabilities that have since been fixed by Apple as much as nine months ago, according to an older story from Reuters.

Marco Arment’s latest app is a small Mac utility called Quitter that automatically hides or quits apps after minutes of inactivity.

MacStories has as quick guide on customising your hard drive icons in OS X.

A minor update to iMovie on the Mac features navigation and visual improvements. Clicking a clip now selects the entire thing instead of a default 4-second portion, and you can now preview resolutions for the iPad Pro and Apple TV.

Touch Arcade says that Bejeweled Skies has soft-launched in Australia and Canada, but with the proliferation of Candy Crush and all of its clones, I’m afraid that ship has sailed.

The Mac OS Anthology was designed for third-party developers to test their software against the various Mac OS releases. Macintosh Garden has the download of the third version of the anthology, released in 1999 and containing OS releases from Mac OS 7.0 all the way through to Mac OS 9 in a variety of localisations.

Apple’s Mother’s Day iPhone ad celebrates motherhood through the lens of an iPhone.

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