Monday Morning News

apple-store-flagship-sf-nick_statt-6.0The latest leaked component from this year’s iPhone is a dual-lens camera component, which I’m confident we can say will be a headlining feature in at least one of the iPhones released this year. Now, it seems that 256GB of storage will also be an option, but the question still remains whether Apple will choose to go with 16GB of base storage or not in the face of increasing storage requirements for higher megapixel counts and 4K video.

Apple is also using LG for dual-camera components, following manufacturing difficulties at Sony, attributed to lower than expected yield and damage to one of their manufacturing facilities following an earthquake earlier this year.

I’ve been wondering why there will be no big changes to this year’s iPhone, with many rumours claiming that the design will stay more or less the same. It wasn’t until The Mac Observer explained that the 2017 iPhone will be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, which means Apple has some big plans for next year’s iPhone — potentially even going as far as saving up a redesign.

MacRumors claims Apple is working on a feature that will allow you to unlock your Mac using Touch ID. I’m sure Apple could build a Touch ID sensor into the hardware of the Mac, but the rumour says Apple is working on a way to let a paired iPhone unlock a Mac when the devices are in close proximity to each other.

An interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook on his plans for Apple in India reveals he’s all about bringing Apple Pay to the region, as well as Apple Retail locations. I just hope that he enjoyed the IPL game he went to.

AppleInsider speculates on the possibility of an Apple Watch 2 and watchOS 3 unveiling at WWDC. Even if we don’t hear about the former, we’ll certainly hear about the latter, but I feel that both go hand in hand — it’s hard to innovate on software when it’s the hardware that’s holding you back, you know?

The recent iOS 9.3.2 update was giving an “Error 56” update for some users, and among scattered reports of the update leaving devices in a non-working state, Apple has since pulled the update for 9.7-inch iPad Pro owners. The good news is, there’s a fix on the way.

Automator is a pretty powerful automation tool that comes with every Mac. But if you’re looking to take your automation to the next level, you may want to check out Hazel. The only thing is, it’s a bit of a learning curve — which is why an introductory video tutorial created by David Sparks exists in the form of the MacSparky Hazel Video Field Guide.

If you were thinking about getting an OWC Aura drive for upgrading the SSD storage on your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro but were put off by the lack of Boot Camp support, there’s good news. OWC has released a free software tool that enables Boot Camp on Aura SSDs, which can be safely uninstalled after the Boot Camp process has finished.

But seriously, have you seen the new Union Square Apple Store? An entire side of the store shows only the Apple logo on some kind of space-grey material, there’s an incredible cantilevered upper level with no visible supports, and the customary floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

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