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usb_c_2-100572481-largeApple’s redesigned Support website emphasises a number of different ways users can get help with their Apple products. A search page with suggestions enables users to get more relevant results faster, while a second option allows them to browse knowledge base articles by product. There’s also a section that calls out popular support topics, as well as another that points out the Apple Support Communities.

It’s possible that Apple’s Support website redesign had nothing to do with it, but it seems a little coincidental that Apple’s online man pages broke at the same time the redesigned website was revealed. Dr Drang did a little digging and found the new home of the man pages, which have moved to an entirely different URL scheme without any kind of redirect, breaking links all over the web.

A couple of weeks ago we had the story that Apple had recycled $40 million worth of gold, and it turns out, that’s only partly true. Contrary to reports that Apple harvested $40 million in gold from recycled iPhones and other Apple products, what really happened was that Apple paid independent recyclers to recycle old electronics, which led to the recovery of 2,204 pounds of gold as reported by Motherboard.

Playing the part of a highly-secretive intelligence agency (or just another day for an Apple rumour blog), AppleInsider reports Apple’s chip fabrication plant in San Jose recently received a shipment of delicate equipment. Overhead shots of the facility revealed multiple semitrailers unloading equipment, which could mean anything, really.

Fashion brand Coach is set to debut new bands for the Apple Watch later this year, with the bands coming in multiple colours and styles. Pricing has been rumoured to be set around US$150, so maybe this won’t be as ridiculous as the Hermès band pricing.

Positive words from both Apple CFO Luca Maestri and CEO Tim Cook about Apple’s financial results from services highlight the fact services is the only area that is seeing any kind of growth at the moment. Cook also said that services remain to be central to a great customer experience.

Provided you’re OK with waiting an hour for the Apple Watch to boot to a usable state, one man has proved that you can run Windows 95 on your Apple Watch.

Macworld imagines a totally wireless MacBook or iPhone, one that doesn’t need a cable for data transfer or for charging. It’s probably closer than you think, as proved by the one-port MacBook.

Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing had a little fun on Twitter over the weekend, claiming that one never needs to pluralise Apple product names. The internet lost its mind, spawning multiple articles saying Schiller is wrong.

Following on from this weekend’s Good Reads piece on how Apple did not invent emoji, Sebastiaan de With tells us about emoji changes that both Google and Microsoft are making to that their icons are more in line with Apple’s emoji character set.

Notable Replies

  1. Erwin says:

    Apple may decide to go no hole? A hole-less device? No holes-barred? A-hole-ic? I can understand this to be potentially useful for a waterproof iPhone, but for Macbooks you will still need to plug in USB sticks, VGA/HDMI cables etc…

  2. Going by the direction of the so-called iPhone 7 leaks with it using Intel’s wireless chipset, you could have a wild possibility of future MacBook/MacBook Air/Pro to use Intel wireless as Broadcom has made it known they’re exiting the consumer wireless sector… this might open the door for WiDi support in OS X. My experience with early WiDi wasn’t good on a 2.5Ghz SandyBridge PC, 5/s lag vs Miracast was a miserable failure.

    As far as USB sticks/HDDs, Apple could shift towards wireless docking stations or Airport Extreme Dock(flatten it back to Mac mini-style for VESA mounting).

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