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Ci1iTNmUkAA3l78The latest iPhone rumour comes from an Apple casing supplier, who says one of the 2017 iPhones will be moving to a glass casing in order to differentiate itself from the plethora of aluminium devices on the market. While the device will still have a metal frame, mounting rumours of a massive redesign has also sprouted speculation of a much bigger jump than previous “s” iterations.

Apple’s opening of a development office in Hyderabad, India, is for Apple Maps development. The Verge writes the Maps development office in India will accelerate feature development of Apple Maps in the country, as well as creating some 4,000 jobs.

Apple’s latest Retail Store in San Francisco’s Union Square is a little different to other Apple Stores, because it highlights the new design elements coming soon to Apple Stores worldwide. The press release highlights various areas, including a public space in front of a 6K video wall, a meeting space for the Business Team, and more. Head of Apple Retail and Online Angela Ahrendts gave an intro to the new spaces.

The unveiling of the new Union Square Apple Retail location comes on the 15th anniversary of Apple’s first two Retail Stores. Bonus points if you can name the two locations without looking them up. You’ll remember the original introduction by Steve Jobs, of course.

Apple has been promoting third-party events happening in San Francisco during WWDC on its developer portal, which is kind of a cool move — it’s Apple acknowledging that not everyone can make it to WWDC, but there’s plenty of other networking opportunities to be had outside of Moscone.

Macworld explains new security rules introduced with an unspecified iOS update and documented in the iOS Security Guide on May 12th. “When the iPhone or iPad hasn’t been unlocked with its passcode in the previous six days, and Touch ID hasn’t been used to unlock it within the last eight hours”, you’ll be asked to enter your passcode or more complex password.

Macworld’s Jason Snell wonders if an Apple Watch with mobile connectivity makes sense, and his answer says it depends on whether watchOS will evolve enough to require a constant network connection.

The New Yorker’s explanation of why Apple Music is so bad when the iPhone is so good is that Apple’s traditional hardware development cycles of a year or more just don’t work for an online service that’s constantly evolving, and while Apple are the masters of figuring out how you might want to use a particular feature or thing, that doesn’t work for a content consumption service that are used in a variety of different ways.

Something you won’t be playing this weekend is a game that tells the story of a child struggling to survive with family, which Apple has blocked on the grounds of a political statement. Ars Technica has the story.

Today’s Apple-related video is artist JJ Lin jamming with Apple CEO Tim Cook on the new GarageBand, playing Lin’s song The Key.

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  1. kyte says:

    Glass again? On a phone thats bigger than ever? YUck! I dunno, seems to me that Apple would not go down a path thats going to add weight to a device. If they were to do that, again, YUCK!

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