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Apple-Watch-Fitness-NotificationAnalysis of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro’s display from DisplayMate finds that the screen is a major upgrade over the iPad Air 2… but you probably already knew that. Thanks to the use of the DCI-P3 wider colour gamut, the display on the smaller iPad Pro has “colour accuracy visually indistinguishable from perfect”, that’s also “very likely considerably better than any other mobile display, monitor, TV, or UHD TV” that people own, and if that wasn’t enough, it also beats the screen on the larger iPad Pro is almost every category.

We’ve all heard of iPad rollouts in companies, but when the London Metropolitan Police spent US $8.5 million on a trial of 641 iPads, they probably didn’t take into account that each iPad would cost taxpayers over US $13,000, with the majority of that cost going to custom software development. The plan was to roll out between 15,000-20,000 iPads to officers, but that probably won’t be happening any time soon.

Apple is naming buildings that it’s using as part of Project Titan after Greek mythology figures, and Rhea, Medusa, Zeus, Athena, and Magnolia are all a part of the puzzle.

The latest research data from Gartner and IDC say the Mac now has 7.4% of worldwide PC marketshare, with Windows continuing to fall.

For some reason, HTC’s latest flagship smartphone, the HTC 10, comes with AirPlay support out of the box. While it isn’t the first Android smartphone to support AirPlay, it’s strange that HTC has decided to license the technology from Apple — especially considering the popularity of Bluetooth wireless audio devices.

Smile made a few changes to TextExpander pricing after feedback from customers, giving owners of any previous version a lifetime 50% discount off the Life Hacker subscription.

Now that Airmail has an iPad client and supports the Split View on iPad, it’s now a credible alternative to Apple’s own Mail app on the iOS platform. MacStories has a more thorough review of the Airmail 1.1 update, which also brings a whole raft of niceties.

Over on the Mac, Arq Backup has been updated to version 5 which brings a few new features, including changing to per-user pricing instead of per-computer. It’s hard to go past Arq as a backup solution, given that it backs up to a variety of destinations.

A few Apple Pencil customisations from Myke Hurley adds a little extra functionality and looks to his Apple Pencil.

Apple’s latest series of ads shows celebrities doing things with their Apple Watch. They’re all super short, but the colourful ads remind me of the iPod silhouette ads from years ago.

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  1. tcn33 says:

    I’ve switched back to Airmail as well. It’s really nice to have the same client across Mac, iPhone and iPad.

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