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belkinwemoThe @AppleNews account on Twitter’s is Apple’s newest, and according to the bio, promotes all the news you want, all in one place. The Twitter account promotes top stories from Apple News, and the best part is, there’s an Australian version over at @AppleNewsAU. Speaking of which, you may have noticed news posts from us showing in Apple News, both under the iOS news category and if you search for AppleTalk, so if Apple News is your preferred method of delivery, then feel free to add us over there, too.

9to5Mac says Apple Stores are transitioning from the iconic — but plastic — white bag with silver Apple logo to a more environmentally-friendly paper version. An internal memo to Apple Retail employees notes that the new paper bags have been made from 80% recycled materials, although the design is still unknown.

A new passcode bypass has been discovered by one user, who uploaded a video of the security issue to YouTube demonstrating accessing photos and contacts on a locked iPhone. The exploit requires the use of 3D Touch and is therefore limited to iPhone 6s devices, but it does pose a potential security issue for Apple to fix in a later iOS update.

Speaking of security, the official Apple webpage on phishing and other suspicious emails details what steps you can take when you think you have received an email that looks legitimate, but is suspect due to bad grammar or other minor inaccuracies.

Apple has been granted a patent which could allow for force-sensitive input devices. Before you start talking about midichlorians, Apple’s patent for a force-sensing mouse means that it will be able to detect pressure, with a haptic motor providing feedback on the force applied.

Belkin seem to be dragging their heels on HomeKit compatibility for their WeMo range of products, with MacRumors reporting that the accessory manufacturer has put HomeKit compatibility plans on hold. According to a post from the WeMo Facebook page, the current guidelines for HomeKit require additional hardware that can’t be added via a software or firmware update, meaning that Belkin would have to introduce an entirely new line of HomeKit compatible products.

Starz is the latest standalone streaming service for the Apple TV. The service joins Showtime and HBO as separate streaming services that don’t require a cable subscription, and it launches today at the monthly price of US$8.99 for all Starz content across your iOS devices.

Macworld reviews Airfoil 5, a wonderfully useful utility for routing audio to a variety of devices, including those connected via Bluetooth.

Also in app news, TextExpander has launched a service to sync your snippets with others, as well as other group-friendly tools. TextExpander is also moving to a subscription model as part of the update, which includes TextExpander 6 for Mac, and TextExpander 4 for iOS.

Last but not least this afternoon, Jason Snell shares a look back at how Apple has impacted his life and career, as part of the week-long celebration of Apple’s 40th anniversary.

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