Tuesday Morning News

kids-ipad-appsAsk, and you shall receive… as long as you’re asking for the WWDC 2016 dates, and as long as you’re asking Siri. Siri has apparently revealed the dates for WWDC this year, which will run from June 13 through to June 17. Although Apple’s personal assistant didn’t offer any information about location, there’s a good chance WWDC will happen at Moscone West in San Francisco.

Yahoo Finance says there was nothing substantial on the iPhone at the centre of the San Bernardino shooting investigation, despite the US Government going so far as to invoke the All Writs act in an attempt to compel Apple to violate civil liberties and assist the FBI in gaining access to the device. People will look at this case and ask themselves: was it all worth it?

A report from a German publication claims Apple is running a secret car lab in Berlin with no less than 15-20 of world-class engineers from German automotive companies. Depending on who you ask and what their automotive affiliations are, German automotive engineers are exactly the kind of people you’d want working on an Apple car, if that’s what Apple are indeed doing.

Longtime Apple board member Bill Campbell has passed away. MacRumors reports Campbell served on Apple’s board of directors when Steve Jobs joined the company in 1997, serving for 17 years before his resignation in July 2014. He was 75.

A review of OWC’s Aura SSDs from Ars Technica says they’re a good upgrade option for an older Mac that might not have the space to keep up with the storage requirements of today. However, Ars also notes that strange implementation details means they’re incompatible with Boot Camp, due to the way the single drive uses two SSD controllers in a RAID-like configuration.

Analysis of typing speeds on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro compared to its 9.7-inch sibling looks at how key size affects typing accuracy and speed. Of course, this is all assuming you’re comfortable typing on a software keyboard — the larger iPad Pro definitely wins out here, thanks to its larger display and larger keys.

A story from the startups subreddit looks at someone who quit their corporate job and built an iOS game which went on to be the number one game in the App Store for a period of time. The inclusion of his financials shows that it’s possible to create sustainable income from apps, but by his own admission, it’s also very difficult.

It’s often hard to find “good” iPad apps for kids that educate as well as entertain. Jason Kottke’s list of educational-ish iPad apps for kids is about as good as it gets, although I’d love to see more lists like this.

The Verge says the process of adding ringtones to the iPhone is an arduous task, making the iPhone feel like it’s stuck in the past. But honestly, unless we’re talking MIDI ringtones from the 90s you could optionally compose yourself, the iPhone’s ringtone process is just fine.

The latest Taylor Swift ad for Apple Music is the one where’s she’s lip-syncing to The Middle, by Jimmy Eat World.

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