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customize-toolbar-100652495-largeAccording to the Washington Post and as covered by Ars Technica, it’s possible, even likely, that the FBI paid grey-hat hackers for a zero-day exploit that allowed them to access the data stored on the iPhone involved in the San Bernardino shootings. The Washington Post lists anonymous sources for the news, Apple isn’t interested in knowing about how the FBI gained access to the device, so the kind of zero-day attacks used to access the device will live on.

More next-generation iPhone leaks speculate on whether the device will feature dual rear cameras, a thinner design, iPad Pro-like Smart Connector, the death of the 3.5 headphone jack, stereo speakers, or any combination of the above. Without some solid part leaks it’s kind of hard to nail down exactly what features the next iPhone will have, though.

A different kind of the January 1, 1970 date bug has been discovered, where setting the time to January 1, 1970 via an NTP update, will cause strange behaviour, such as the clock counting backwards. They’re really lowering the barrier for entry to membership for Time Lords these days, aren’t they?

Recent surveys of the US teen market say that the Apple Watch is dominating the marketplace with 71% of smartwatch purchases being an Apple Watch.

When The Verge says Apple copycats are becoming true iPhone competitors, they’re not wrong. Just take Meizu’s Pro 6, for example — the hardware design was ripped straight out of Jony Ive’s playbook, right down to the curved edges, better-looking antenna bands, and bottom hole arrangement. Then there’s the software, which looks vary familiar to anyone who has used 3D Touch, or lamented how the lockscreen now disappears too fast on the newer iPhones.

Something that slipped past the radar yesterday was Pocket Weather 5.2, dubbed the Autumn update. The iPad version is no longer a waste of space (both literally and figuratively), and the iPhone version has received many bug fixes that resolve issues with the widget not updating, or the app not loading weather information when launched.

9to5Mac’s steps to rationalise Apple’s MacBook lineup splits the range into three different sizes, with two base models for each. Of course, this isn’t including the good old non-Retina, 2012-era 13-inch MacBook Pro, which is still being sold today and well on its way to becoming the longest-selling Mac, ever.

Apple has delivered the first of many updates to the Safari Technology Preview, bringing a slew of bug fixes and improvements.

Microsoft’s Word Flow beta for iPhone has begun, and even though it’s a private beta, iMore has managed to snag a few screenshots of what Microsoft’s third-party keyboard for the iPhone will be like.

Macworld tells us how to optimise the Finder toolbar to suit our own needs. It’s one of those little-known Mac tricks that can be applied to a few different Mac apps, including Preview.

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    It’s what they’re traditionally called on analog watches. Maybe because it adds complexity to the mechanism?

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