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Ade4VEYtWmkDeXZyJohn Gruber’s review of the iPhone SE points out the relatively minor differences between the iPhone SE hardware and the current iPhone 6s. He says they’re supposed to be different kinds of smartphones, with one being the one for one-handed usage while the other has all the bells and whistle’s you’d expect on the flagship, eventually conceding that it doesn’t make much sense to buy an iPhone SE, given that there will be a new iPhone inside of six months.

First impressions of the iPhone SE from MacRumors say that the only defect present is a rattling power button. While some are still trying to use 3D Touch on the device, most really enjoy the smaller form factor, and the design of the iPhone SE is widely accepted to be the iPhone with the best in-hand feel.

IFixit’s teardown of the iPhone SE finds that the display is interchangeable with the iPhone 5s, along with a number of other components. In terms of repairability, due to the similarities between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5s, repair guides for the latter are already available, making things easier for those looking to do a little DIY on their brand new iPhone.

A rumour from DigiTimes claims we’ll see ultra-thin, 13 and 15-inch variants of the MacBook by June or July. It’s possible these new MacBooks will be the MacBook Air revamp we’ve been waiting for, upgrading the Air to a Retina display and dropping the Air nomenclature to make them simply MacBooks.

The Verge remembers the Apple products that mattered to them, in celebration of Apple’s 40th anniversary. It’s basically a list of iconic Apple products (and services, given that it includes the App Store and Apple Music).

If you want to play with the Apple Pencil but don’t find yourself much of an artist, there are still apps for you. App Factor has a list of iPad Pro apps for your Apple Pencil if you don’t draw, sketch, watercolour, or whatever other creative method is out there.

Kirk McElhearn’s thoughts on the Apple Pencil finds that although his handwriting is pretty terrible, the OCR in GoodNotes is good enough most of the time that it doesn’t matter how illegible his handwriting is.

A explanation of the macOS concept from Medium tells us what Apple’s next-generation Mac operating system could look and feel like, but most importantly, how it would differ from the current OS X. It’s easy to see where the author has drawn inspiration from iOS.

Apple put together a short film for autism acceptance day, telling the story of Dillan Barmache, an autistic nonverbal who uses his iPad to communicate with those around him.

Taylor vs Treadmill is the latest Apple Music ad, but weirdly appears on the Beats 1 YouTube channel instead of the Apple one.

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  1. tcn33 says:

    Really like those Mac OS concepts - I agree it’s time to let go of 10.X releases.

  2. AVC says:

    Wow those macOS concepts are gorgeous!

  3. I’d settle for just the Health app, especially if it gives you a way to download and backup your own data independently to the rest of your iOS image.

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