Friday Morning News

time-100-2016-tim-cookFBI Director James Comey says the FBI paid upwards of $1.3 million for access into the San Bernardino iPhone. Despite the device generating no new leads but somehow still contributing to the investigation, Comey says it was worth it from his perspective, even though it’s about the same amount as Comey will make in his position.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made Time’s list of the 100 most influential people, and his profile by Bob Iger describes him as “a soft-spoken leader with a focused fearlessness that comes from a deep personal conviction”.

Anandtech has taken a deeper look at the display on the smaller iPad Pro. Their analysis of the display on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro explains how the greater colour range and True Tone combine to make a display that’s unlike anything we’ve seen on the market before.

A paywalled report claims the iCloud and Siri teams at Apple are at loggerheads, fighting a battle of internal politics over the company’s internal cloud infrastructure project.

Qualcomm has suggested Apple will switch to Intel LTE modems in the next iPhone. Comments from Qualcomm’s earnings call said that a major customer would potentially be moving chip orders to a competitor, and with Samsung already using multiple suppliers, the process of elimination says Apple is among the list of Qualcomm’s major customers.

I’ve been waiting all week for analysis of Apple’s WWDC 2016 message, which is either a cute poem showing off the best parts of the app ecosystem, or something that may potentially reveal what Apple has in store. AppleInsider’s speculation on the matter makes for entertaining reading, if nothing else, but the real teaser will be revealed when Apple puts out press invites to the event.

Apple’s latest patent is for headphones that can seamlessly switch between wired and wireless operation, lending credence to rumours Apple will be removing the regular headphone jack in the future. It’s possible that any future Lightning-headphones from the company will also be able to operate wirelessly, perhaps connecting to a Lightning port to act as a kind of quick-charge mechanism.

Macworld tells you how to force iCloud to download full-resolution versions of your pictures from iCloud Photo Library.

Marco Arment’s take on paid App Store search results says it’s entirely possible Apple could make the change if it sees it as the best move to make, given that indie app developers barely register for Apple in the grand scheme of the App Store.

Instead of playing some cookie-clicker game this weekend, why not explore Stanford’s latest class on iTunes U, which teaches you iOS 9 programming with Swift?

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