Friday Morning News

Apple-Car-rear-three-quartersRumour has it Apple has begun issuing suppliers with orders for Apple Watch components, in preparation for the second-generation Apple Watch. AppleInsider claims it’s possible mass production of the Apple Watch 2 will begin in the next few months, but I’m going to guess we won’t be seeing any part leaks like we have with iPhones in the past.

Speaking of smartwatches, an iOS app for the Samsung Gear S2 suggests iPhone support for the non-Apple wearable is drawing closer. The Gear S2 has traditionally only worked with Android devices, but there’s nothing stopping Samsung from releasing an app which makes it at least somewhat compatible with the iOS platform.

Of course, the FBI has found nothing of real significance in the iPhone which was at the centre of an encryption and privacy debate not too long ago, even after it reportedly paid grey-hat hackers for a zero-day exploit to gain access to the contents.

An Apple Support article explains iTunes allowances will be going away on May 25th. While existing iTunes allowances will continue to work, no new allowances can be created, with Apple suggesting Family Sharing be used instead to manage iTunes purchases of family members.

It’s only slightly related to Apple, but the story of why Bose changed from a 90-degree plug on its headphones to a straight one to better fit Apple (and other smartphones) is a good example on how sometimes what you think is the better design, isn’t due to design considerations you hadn’t thought of.

Motor Trend’s Apple Car “exclusive” has been universally panned by critics as laughably bad. The Verge says creative renderings have always been around, even if they’ve been a little off the mark from real products. Looking at what Motor Trend came up with, though, it’s hard to equate that to Apple design.

MacRumors has some good advice on what to do if your iPhone is lost or stolen. Enabling a few features ahead of time means recovering your iPhone gets a little easier, and provided your iPhone still has some juice in the tank when it goes offline, you may even be able to recover it from a good samaritan.

A frustrating bug with copy and paste in iOS 9 seems to be cropping up more and more lately, where some copies just don’t “take”. The fix from iMore tells you to copy things more than once.

Macworld has some handy hints on using iTunes with lossless audio.

Also from Macworld is an iOS 10 wish list, where Jason Snell just wants support for USB drives and network storage. You know, like a real computer.

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