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OCJH789_APPLE-ArcoWhile exterior features of Apple Campus 2 are being finalised, details are emerging on the internal spaces within. Design Milk were invited to take a look at one such detail, where a 112-year old Dutch company manufactures 5.5m long, solid Oak tables that have no visible seams due to an innovative manufacturing technique. The tables will be placed within special pods on the new campus, designed around fostering spontaneous socialisation and collaboration between employees.

FBI director James Comey has revealed their method for gaining access to a locked iPhone only works on devices prior to the iPhone 5s. It’s possible that the Secure Enclave prevents the kind of unauthorised access the FBI are leveraging, and The Verge also notes that the limited scope of the method means it’s less likely they will be forced to reveal their methods.

In case you liked the Hermès straps but didn’t want to buy an Apple Watch specifically for the Watch Face or exclusive strap, there’s good news. Multiple sources confirm that Hermès watch straps will be available separately, starting on April 19. They’ll also have a a price to match their high-fashion status: while pricing hasn’t been confirmed, A Blog To Watch says a single tour will set you back US$340, with a double tour costing US$490 and the Hermès cuff US$690.

Twelve South’s latest accessory is the TimePorter, a portable capsule case for your Apple Watch and any charging accessories you need.

Following the backlash over subscription pricing for TextExpander, if you need something more than what is already offered by OS X, aText might be what you’re after for the price of US $4.99.

MacStories has a review of Activity++, David Smith’s latest iOS app that further extends a function already available on the Apple Watch.

Reddit’s official iOS app is here, if only for the iPhone. Reddit for iOS replaces the much-loved Alien Blue app, which was acquired by the company from its Australian developer Jase Morrissey in 2014, and for a limited time, offers 3 months of Reddit Gold for free.

A story from the Apple subreddit says the iPad doesn’t have a native calculator app because Steve Jobs hated the design of the iOS Calculator when scaled up, and it’s been such a low priority since that a native calculator app just hasn’t been added to the iPad.

Instead of playing some version of Flappy Candy Wars on your iOS device this weekend, Remote Play now lets you stream titles from your PS4 to your Mac.

Wrapping up Apple’s 40th anniversary, Fortune has a look back at 40 years of Apple, giving us the run-down of the company so far. The Verge posted a pretty great video on Facebook showing off some concepts that represent Apple.

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  1. tcn33 says:

    Another Twelve South accessory that doesn’t lend itself to Nightstand Mode. Wonder what that’s about.

  2. AVC says:

    That looks like one of those horrible glasses cases you get with cheap glasses :frowning:

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