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iphone-7-leaked-bastilleThe first photo of what’s rumoured to be the iPhone 7 Plus has surfaced. As per previous rumours, there’s a dual-lens camera system, housed in a protruding pill-shaped enclosure, as well as redesigned antenna bands. MacRumors claims it’s possible at least one model of the next iPhone won’t have a camera that’s flush with the rear casing.

Vanity Fair tells us about Apple News being opened to everyone, with Apple News now offered to individuals and independent publishers. A web-based editing tool will allow anyone to edit their pieces in the Apple News format, although the reach of Apple News is still limited to those on an iOS device.

Also on Apple News is Business Insider, who say that the platform will soon have native ads that look like regular news articles, only with the addition of a “sponsored by” tagline.

Noisey interviewed Beats 1 DJ and music journalist Zane Lowe. The 10-minute interview reveals snippets about Lowe’s career thus far, and what it’s like to be “the old guy that interviewed Kanye once”.

Some say the iPhone SE won’t have the same camera features as the flagship iPhone, in order to prevent cannibalisation of sales of the regular iPhone. But even so, it’s possible that the iPhone SE will come with current-gen features, such as 4K video recording, and according to AppleInsider, Apple is working on a promo that highlights the 4K video recording on the iPhone SE.

Apple’s latest patent is a system for 3D mapping via LiDAR. Why LiDAR? According to the patent, current sensing technologies suffer from excessive power consumption, limited resolution or accuracy, limited frame rate, and long product development cycles.

9to5Mac thinks Apple could improve the Do Not Disturb and VIP notifications to be even better than they currently are, and they have a few suggestions on what could be done to improve notifications.

The seventh beta of OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan also arrived yesterday, just after the seventh beta of iOS 9.3 was released to developers and members of Apple’s public-beta testing program.

Even if you’re already using 1Password and telling all your friends and family to do so, Six Colors shows you how to generate random passwords with the built-in OS X Password Assistant, available wherever you see the little key icon next to a password field.

While using the Apple Watch as a replacement for your wallet in the UK may be practical if you don’t require any kind of ID, carry security passes for your building, or have a public transport system that relies on mostly proprietary technology, in Australia that’s just not possible. Still, one can dream.

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