Tuesday Morning News

dual-camera-interface-800x540The US Supreme Court has rejected Apple’s appeal in the e-book price fixing case, meaning Apple must pay $450 million for orchestrating a scheme to raise the prices of e-books in collusion with publishers. Despite arguing that its actions in launching the iBookstore increased competition in the Amazon-dominated e-book marketplace, the US Government has decided that’s just not on.

Apple SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi has written a piece in the Washington Post that clearly explains Apple’s position in the ongoing case against the FBI, and why device security is such an important aspect of our hyper-connected lives. Federighi argues what the FBI is asking for is for Apple to remove a layer of security that keeps the company one step ahead of criminals by protecting the security of their customers, and once written, the compromised version could be used to apply to many smartphones.

Mashable’s photos of the Apple Campus 2 show off the building’s Theatre, a subterranean auditorium with 1,000 seats and a ground-level lobby with what’s claimed to be the largest free-standing carbon fibre roof ever made. With expected completion later this year for a 2017 opening, Apple’s Campus 2 is shaping up to be truly impressive.

Apparently there will be one more beta of iOS 9.3, with beta 6 being released to developers and public beta testers today. OS X 10.11.4 and watchOS 2.2 also received similar beta releases.

A patent application from Apple reveals what it might be like to use dual cameras on the next iPhone, with different focal lengths combining to create a unique experience capturing moments. It’ll be like Live Photos currently – only instead of adding movement to your stills, it’ll be about offering a different perspective.

IMore’s review of the Apple Pencil, drawn by the Apple Pencil, is pretty cool, even if you already know about what the Apple Pencil does and what it’s capable of.

Gabe from MacDrifter writes Pixelmator for iOS can be a decent-enough redaction and annotation tool, if you know the tricks of the trade.

While AppleInsider is discussing the best HomeKit-compatible accessories you can buy right now, Apple World Today claims Apple is losing the home automation market to… no one in particular, with the entire market itself being a complete mess.

9to5Mac wants Apple to up the ante with its own apps in iOS 10, which surely can’t be too far away. Apple’s apps already represent solid offerings for many iOS users, but as with anything, they could be improved.

If Spotify can do it, surely Apple can do it with Music and iTunes — Rene Ritchie wants to see Apple bring Handoff to iTunes in iOS 10.

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