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Blackbox iconApple’s lengthy legal brief in its case against the FBI tell us about how the company plans to fight the FBI’s request to build a special version of iOS not subject to the same security measures as the regular one. Even though it’s easy enough to read, The Verge has a thorough explainer of how Apple argues the U.S. government doesn’t have the authority to order Apple to help unlock the phone.

A support article from Apple acknowledges the recent Apple slip-up where their own Ethernet driver was blacklisted. Apple’s support page helps users identify affected machines and fix the issue if you have a Wi-Fi network available. Not only that, but Apple also provides instructions on manually restoring a previous version of the blacklist without any internet connection at all.

Apple has expanded their “Think Different” trademark to cover recent Apple products and services, including Apple Watch, Apple Pencil, the iPad, games and all other forms of entertainment, subscription services, and Siri. It’s the first time since 2009 that the trademark has been updated, with the last update being the inclusion of the iPod.

Apple’s revamped Company Store (although it doesn’t appear to be called that anymore) in Cupertino is the only place in the world where you can buy official Apple-branded merchandise, and Business Insider went inside and showed us what was on offer. The store was renovated around the middle of last year, meaning that all-new merch was on offer for the first time not too long ago.

Apple Music Connect feels more and more like Ping every day. But I largely feel that’s because Apple has been too busy putting out Apple Music fires instead of focusing on the social component of its streaming music service.

AfterPad has found some way to either scrape or get the list of Apple TV apps, because their web interface for the Apple TV App Store seems remarkably complete, although I’m not sure if it differentiates between the App Stores of different countries.

MacStories has a review of Doo, which is described by them as a different take on the traditional to-do list. The card-based interface means it’s more than just a list of items, but less than full-on project management tools.

Apple World Today wondered what happened to iFrame, which was Apple’s own video format that never really took off.

I’ve covered Blackbox very briefly before, but the touch-less iOS puzzler took over my Twitter feed yesterday afternoon so I thought it warranted another mention. You can put your mobile number into the website to be sent a link to the app which gives Toby a new hint credit every time someone does so, otherwise the app itself is free on the App Store.

Fast Company shares the video where Steve Jobs unveils the NeXT. The footage was previously believed to be lost, until it was recently discovered during shooting the Steve Jobs film by Sorkin, which is, from what I’ve heard, good enough entertainment although not quite as accurate as you might have been hoping for.

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  1. tcn33 says:

    Consider this a standing request for a t-shirt if any of you should happen to visit the Infinite Loop Apple Store :smiley:

  2. AVC says:

    Is it just me or does the AppleTV App Store feel a bit like an afterthought? No way to browse many categories except the ones Apple deems relevant (health and fitness, entertainment etc), with only a handful of apps featured in each of those categories. Essentially unless you know the name of the app you’re interested in, you’re out of luck. Am I missing something?

  3. Plex is the only app you need. Or maybe that and Crossy Road.

    The better question is why are you running apps on your Apple TV? Don’t people have enough apps to run on iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc?

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