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SafariTechnologyPreview-6cIn case you can’t get enough Safari in your life, Apple has started up the Safari Technology Preview, for iCloud-enabled builds of Safari for those wanting a stable test platform. According to Ars Technica, the idea behind the Safari Technology Preview is the same as Google’s Chrome beta and canary developer builds, while offering more stability than something like the WebKit Nightlies, with updates being delivered via the Mac App Store.

Apple’s Supplier Responsibility 2016 Progress Report boasts a 97% work-hour compliance rate and reductions in carbon emissions at Apple’s manufacturing partner facilities. Apple COO Jeff Williams says that numbers are virtually unheard of in the technology industry. Normally Apple would have updated their website with the 2016 report, but this time it’s just available as a 33-page PDF.

A framework has discovered in OS X 10.11.4 that adds fuel to the macOS naming fire, prompting speculation from 9to5Mac on a possible renaming of Mac OS X that’s more in line with iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

The Wall Street Journal says Apple and MLB have entered into a deal that will see iPads deployed into dugouts, enabling players and coaches to use data more efficiently during matches. MLB has purpose-built the MLB Dugout app in partnership with Apple, and Apple SVP Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller says that they’re not just replacing binders with iPads, they’re helping MLB do things that weren’t possible before.

A Six Colors review of the Smart Keyboard for the smaller iPad Pro takes a look at the fractionally smaller keys. As it turns out, making a keyboard smaller also makes it lighter, which can pay dividends if you’re on the road a lot or value the portability.

Over at iMore, reasons for buying the smaller iPad Pro over the larger include the fact that it has a better camera, it’s cheaper, and it has a truly unique display featuring True Tone colour temperature adjustment.

An update to Fantastical 2 on the Mac sees everyone’s favourite calendaring app bring support for Exchange, including invitation responses, availability lookup, and access to the global address book for your organisation.

While iPod socks are no longer and neither are Apple dock inserts, this week’s award for the most bizarre Apple-branded accessories is the set of replacement tips for the Apple Pencil, which come in a pack of four and retail for $29 in Australia.

If you look at Apple’s product lineup these days, things get mighty complicated, mighty fast. It might make sense for Apple to keep older devices around after introducing newer models, but The Verge says there’s now such a dizzying array of iPhones and iPads that, sooner or later, Apple is going to have to simplify.

Also from The Verge is Walt Mossberg’s explainer on why the iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro won’t change the game, but are instead “smaller, familiar vessels for Apple’s latest technology”.

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