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16224-12889-529ac261jw1f1vkdeixlij20u70kt0x2-lA packaging leak of the iPhone SE seems to suggest Apple’s smaller iPhone will come with NFC and come with a capacity of at least 16GB. Separate posts claim the design of the iPhone SE is similar to the iPhone 6 series, but not much else is known about specs. 9to5Mac tells us what they’d like to see in the iPhone SE before it will become a compelling option to switch to — but what I can’t get out of my head is how much more awesome the next iPhone will be.

A transcript of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s interview with Time discusses privacy, American security, and why we’re debating privacy versus encryption all over again. Apple were happy to play ball with the FBI, offering suggestions on how to get access to the device without officially handing over anything to the FBI, but when the FBI wanted Apple to assist further by creating an intentionally-compromised version of iOS, that’s when Apple drew the line.

If Apple was ordered to help the FBI create the so-called “GovtOS”, it’s possible some Apple engineers may quit rather than undermine the security of a product they helped create. Current and former Apple engineers have pointed out the individuals who would be called on to help create GovtOS, and what’s more, any obstruction would likely result in fines for Apple.

The fourth-gen Apple TV will also be able to stream the Apple event happening next week, thanks to the Apple Events app available from the tvOS App Store. It’s a free app, shows the event time in your local timezone, and even allows you to watch previous Apple events.

No real surprises here: when faced with a surgical procedure, more patients preferred to watch a narrated animation of the procedure on an iPad than having a face-to-face with a doctor. The animated video led to a better understanding of the procedure by patients, which in turn resulted in more informed consent being granted by the patient before the surgery.

If you enjoy the Plus-sized iPhone, then there’s a good chance you’ll also enjoy the iPad Pro. And going by this post on MacStories, perhaps the reverse is true: a bigger iPad is better for productivity, so perhaps a bigger iPhone is kind of a cool idea, too.

Game Centre is broken right now, and according to Craig Grannell, it’s been this way for about six months.

This post on Apple World Today requesting the picture-in-picture mode of iOS in the next version of OS X seems incredibly shortsighted. Someone tell this man about window management on desktops, stat.

Touch Arcade has first impressions of Nintendo’s first mobile app, Miitomo. It’s not much, but it represents a step in the mobile direction for Nintendo.

The latest ad for the iPhone 6s features Cookie Monster using the always-on hands-free Siri to set a timer for his cookies. I came for the Sesame Street nostalgia, and stayed for the easter egg text at the very end.

Notable Replies

  1. I’ve always been on the fence about the Plus - while there are times I would appreciate a bigger display, one-handed usage remains a big enough priority for me that I’ve never thought of switching.

    The rumoured camera improvements — especially if they’re an Plus-sized exclusive — may be enough to tip that scale in the other direction.

  2. Erwin says:

    I have tiny hands (really) and I’m able to use the Plus with one hand so it’s very possible. You get used to it.

  3. AVC says:

    No way could I ever go back to a small phone after having a Plus. You get used to it instantly!

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