Friday Morning News

CcoA1y6UYAEfGf8Apple’s latest official Twitter account is @AppleSupport, and at the moment, it has a bunch of cool tips and tricks. Checking out the account’s @-replies also reveals they’re willing to help out everyday folk with their questions, but also shows why Twitter’s 140-character limitation is a terrible idea when you need more details than a single tweet can provide.

Apple Worldwide Marketing SVP Phil Schiller is now in charge of all the App Stores. As a result of that change, the Best New Apps section on the iOS App Store is now being updated daily, for those among us that are looking for new apps every day.

Certificates expire all the time, but the expiry of the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Intermediate Certificate means that any OS X installers downloaded via the Mac App Store will now have the expired certificate and will refuse to install. There’s two workarounds to this: either you can download an updated version of the installer via the Mac App Store (and re-create your USB boot disks), or set your Mac’s clock to before February 14 and install again.

Rumour has it Apple will be debuting an iPhone using OLED display technology in 2017. While I can see a change in display technology on an S-revision year, removing the headphone jack seems a little too big of a change for an S-revision phone, so maybe Apple’s holding the latter change off until 2018.

Concept art of the new iPhone SE from MacRumors shows of a device that looks similar to the iPhone 6 series, only with less rounded edges and the glass antenna bands of the iPhone 5. Cases for the new iPhone SE have also started popping up, but either the manufacturers are just taking shots in the dark, or the design of the iPhone SE hasn’t been confirmed to anyone just yet.

Apple has expanded Apple Maps traffic coverage to Malaysia and Singapore, with the two countries joining the 30 other countries that have traffic information available.

Over at MacStories, a look at Apple’s App Review process has a lot of developer opinions on how Apple’s doing and what it could do to improve the process. While there meagre number of positives to the entire process don’t outweigh the overwhelming negatives, opening this kind of thing up to discussion is the first step to improvement.

Vogue interviewed both Jony Ive and Tim Cook last month, with the pair discussing Apple and fashion.

Nest CEO and father of the iPod Tony Fadell has also been interviewed by VentureBeat recently, talking about his career at Apple and more.

IMore’s take on the iMac G4 was that it was a machine that managed to combine form and function, at least until it came time to repair the thing. Everyone’s favourite lampshade iMac might have been nice to look at, but there’s probably a good reason it’s not a very popular design for computers today.

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