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img_0347A new court filing from Apple has revealed nine other cases where the FBI has invoked the All Writs Act. All were filed in October 2015 to now, and while no details about the cases are known, all target various iOS devices. Apple notes it has objected to every court case, except in cases where the details are not known or warrants have not been received.

In case you needed another opinion on whether Apple should be unlocking the devices or not, Bill Gates has said the FBI aren’t asking for a back door. Some outlets took this to mean Gates was siding with the FBI on the issue, but in a later interview, Gates said there are cases where government access to devices would be beneficial, also clarifying that he thought the matter should be settled by the courts.

Beats 1 has partnered with The 1975 to produce some kind of event with the band. Teasers from the Beats 1 Snapchat account show off some kind of stage setup with Beats 1 logo, but it’s unknown whether this is going to be a live-streamed event or just some exclusive video.

New universal search options have arrived on the new Apple TV. The ABC, Disney XD, Disney Channel, and Disney Junior have all added their catalogs as sources for the Siri-powered search feature. MacRumors confirms that the universal search feature is only available in iTunes and Netflix in Australia, although at this point we’re all too familiar with being left out of Apple TV releases.

The latest tvOS 9.2 beta solves a problem with video scrubbing during playback. 9to5Mac reports precise video scrubbing with a preview window is now only available when the video is paused, meaning you have to click the touch surface before doing any scrubbing. Hopefully the move prevents any accidental scrubbing when picking up the Siri Remote.

Speaking of betas, the latest fourth betas of iOS 9.3 and OS X 10.11.4 have been released to members of Apple’s public beta testing program.

If you need an app for tracking your favourite TV series, Six Colors checks out Television Time.

MacStories has a cautionary tale about contacts and backups, where the built-in export options in Contacts are actually traps for young players.

The YouTube iOS app now supports the native resolution of the iPad Pro, resolving many complaints about non-optimised video on the larger display.

Apple has been granted design patents for two beautiful Apple Store designs, with the Istanbul “glass lantern” store and new-style dual-level Apple Store design in China being the two designs mentioned.

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