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downloadApple has acknowledged the software bug which results in iOS devices failing to start if the date is set to May 1970 or earlier. The support article on the topic is about as short as they come, with Apple saying they will be releasing a software update preventing the issue from affecting iOS devices in the near future. In the meantime, you can contact Apple support if you tried this out and have a dead iOS device as a result.

Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit over the Error 53 message which disables iOS devices after repairs are performed with non-genuine third-party parts. The attorney leading the lawsuit claims Apple’s security reasons are invalid due to devices working fine for months after the repair, with the part validation only performed once a new version of iOS is downloaded and installed.

AppleInsider says more clock face options are on the way, if Apple’s listing for a software engineer working on the dedicated clock face team is anything to go by. While I enjoy the current selection of watch faces, I’m looking forward to more customisation and more choice.

In the upcoming OS X 10.11.4 update, Apple’s own Notes app will support importing Evernote .enex files. Now that Notes has similar rich-text features to Evernote, it’s a good move from the company.

As batteries get bigger, charge times get longer. Since the iPad Pro supports USB 3, it’s possible that the iPad Pro could charge at 29W instead of the 12W charger it currently ships with, but given that there are no USB 3 Lightning cables, this remains a fantasy for now.

A new patent from Apple investigates how the Apple Watch could measure ambient sound levels to adjust the volume of iPhone alerts.

In-store screen protector installations are the name of the game, and to that end, Belkin are helping out Apple by providing screen-protector installation kits that ensure near-perfect installations, every time.

Small audio recorder app Piezo has left the Mac App Store, with Rogue Amoeba explaining the issue as sandboxing limitations not letting the app be as useful as it could be.

MacStories says activating Low Power Mode when you’ve still got plenty of gas left in the tank completely eliminates any range anxiety, especially when you’re on holiday and may be using your device more than usual. But we’re talking about iPhones and iPads here, not cars.

9to5Mac reviews the Bluelounge Kosta Apple Watch Charging Coaster, which works in both Night Stand mode and when your Apple Watch is laying flat.

Notable Replies

  1. I never thought I’d see the day. In the past when I asked them if they sell screen protectors their canned response was always, “No. Our screens don’t scratch”, which both the staff and myself knew was just pure nonsense.

  2. tcn33 says:

    These are very nice. Weirdly, Scholastic (who you may remember from your school days as a publisher of textbooks) are the Australian distributor and sell these on eBay at $19.95 - with free click and collect at Woolies or Big W. Kind of a no-brainer at that price.

  3. So when does this happen in Australia??

    I hate shitty screen protectors for all the reasons they mentioned but quite liked the feel (or lack there of) on the brother in laws glass job he had on his phone. I’d seriously consider it if they offered it instore.

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