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512x512bbApple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign is back, now with more regular people than ever. A total of 53 images from 43 amateur and professional photographers make up the new ads, which have a focus on portraits compared to the landscape imagery of the previous ads, and Time has published a small selection of the photos which went live in 85 cities across 26 countries sometime yesterday.

Confirming previous rumours, Engadget has shared information about the upcoming iPad Air. Their sources claim we will see the dual-stereo design of the iPad Pro, as well as the Smart Connector for external peripherals, but two two features will contribute to a marginally thicker and wider body — about the difference between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, so nothing to be overly concerned about.

Speaking of the iPad Pro, IDC estimates say Apple’s largest tablet yet outsold Microsoft’s Surface last quarter. Two million iPad Pros were sold compared to estimates of Surface sales, which land somewhere in the vicinity of 1.6 million units. With the overall tablet market declining, Apple’s iPad Pro provided some buoyancy to Apple’s bottom line.

9to5Mac shares the latest Apple spaceship campus progress video. With the project on track for completion around the end of the year, you can definitely see the progress that’s being made.

The recent trend of great iOS email clients continues with Airmail, a mail client that includes everything you’d want in an email client for power users. MacStories has a review of Airmail, which has all the basics, email management features, and even comes with an Apple Watch companion app. There’s no iPad version available (yet), but with support for Gmail, IMAP, and Exchange, the $7.99 email client looks to be the goods.

Day One has posted a preview of Day One 2, which, despite the awkward-sounding name, bringing the headlining features of multiple photos and multiple journals, as well as modernising what was already a great journaling app. Day One 2 will be launching later this week, likely on Friday for us Australians.

The Sweet Setup lists some of their favourite Apple TV apps, which include streaming media, apps for entertainment, as well as games.

MacRumors checks out the “quirky but functional” Bozon Apple Watch stand, which has one of the most bizarre profiles I’ve seen for an Apple Watch stand/charging dock. The Ten One Timeframe, as investigated by iLounge, is similarly weird.

OS X El Capitan hides away the Network Utility tool, which is a graphical interface for a number of common network utilities such as ping, traceroute, whois, and more, but you can still find it if you do a little digging.

With the introduction of SSDs which don’t truly throw away data, ZDNet has instructions on securely erasing your main storage drive to protect your confidential information, and it involves applying FileVault and then throwing away the key.

Notable Replies

  1. tcn33 says:

    Even though I’m really liking Cloud Magic on both iOS and OS X, I may have to give Airmail a look. Anyone tried the iOS version?

  2. Some bullshit apps on that list! lol

    I’ve been using Airmail on OS X for the last week with an exchange account so that I didn’t have to boot up parallels just to use Outlook. It reminds me a lot of Sparrow. Give it a go!

    Also keen to read people’s reviews of the iOS version.

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