Tuesday Morning News

15564-11955-160114-Align-lAfter supplying Apple with her late husband’s will and death certificate, Apple asked for a court order from a Canadian widow before they would supply with her late husband’s password to his Apple ID account. But if you were looking for controversy, that’s where this story ends: after the media was involved, Apple implicitly acknowledged it went too far, Apple allowed the woman access to her husband’s Apple ID.

With App Store pricing going up in Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, and three other countries, it’s good to see Apple bring some balance to currency fluctuations, as opposed to specifically targeting Australians.

Business Insider has the signs Apple is working on the next computing platform, citing a number of high-profile acquisitions over the past few years that point towards Apple working on something bigger than just cool technology experiences.

Putting the ports on the back of the iMac might be better for aesthetics, but as anyone who’s ever had to reach around for the USB ports will tell you, it’s a usability nightmare. Apple’s “plug insertion guidance system” patent might not be called that, but I kind of wish it was.

Apple appears to be the only large technology company campaigning for encryption against intrusive surveillance, which is kind of a problem these days when metadata is the word of the day.

Speaking of security, a team of ex-jailbreakers are now using their powers for good by launching a comprehensive platform for securing iOS devices. Apollo is the product of Sudo Security Group, which provides security via enterprise and consumer pathways.

MacStories checks out Interact, a group contact manager that lets you do some interesting things with your contacts. Groups are only part of the parcel, with a feature called the contact scratchpad bringing the smarts to iOS contact management.

AppleInsider rounds up the best Mac email clients for Gmail users. I’m personally still using Sparrow, which was acquired by Google in 2012 and hasn’t seen any feature update since then.

IMore tells us about what they’re still using the Apple Watch for, besides telling the time.

Macworld says handwriting recognition isn’t a joke on the iPad anymore, thanks to the advent of pixel-level sensitivity on the iPad Pro when paired with an Apple Pencil. I can see Apple opening up some kind of write-everywhere keyboard on future iPads and iOS releases, kind of like Microsoft do with the Surface.

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