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Microsoft Selfie iconJust before the new year, Twitter released version 4.0 of its Mac app. And that’s just about where the good news ends, because by most accounts, the new Twitter for Mac is a step backwards from the previous version. While it supports some of Twitter’s latest features (video playback, animated GIFs), in other respects the new Twitter for Mac just isn’t as usable as the old version. Perhaps it was because it wasn’t built by Twitter, but perhaps it simply needed more time in the oven.

I’m not sure what to make of the entire conversation that Touch ID on the new iPhone 6s series is now “too fast”, but attempting to use your iPhone’s lockscreen by waking up the device using the home button is now very difficult. Those features which were once accessible on the lockscreen now aren’t, thanks to how fast Touch ID is — and that’s a problem, apparently.

Apple will pay €318 million in order to settle an Italian investigation into tax fraud, where Apple was under investigation for failing to declare earnings in Italy between 2008 and 2013. According to a local Italian paper, Apple’s Italian subsidiary should have paid €880 million in tax during that period but paid just €30 million.

A new class action lawsuit against Apple claims the iPhone manufacturer deliberately crippled iPhone 4s devices with the iOS 9 update, with plaintiffs claiming the update made the device slow and buggy to the point where it was disrupting everyday life, with the only known fix to go out and buy a new phone at a cost of hundreds of dollars.

MacRumors has Apple predictions for 2016, which are about as tame as you’d imagine. Nothing out of the ordinary stands out from the list, but with such a bumper 2015, I’m not sure Apple can be the company to release products in entirely new categories every year.

Apple will start to offer hour-long photography workshops at Apple Stores around the globe. The workshops will be free to attend, and will cover topics such as learning how to take better photos and video on your iPhone, as well as making your photos look good with Photos on the Mac. My only question is — will they be teaching users not to shoot portrait video?

Apple has seeded the second beta of iOS 9.2.1 to developers and members of its public beta program. Being a relatively version update, there will most likely just be bug fixes and performance improvements.

An iOS 9 bug lets you hide apps in one of two ways. Judging by the video, the first relies on a strange bug where apps disappear when you hold them near the edge of a folder. The other version requires use of a grey-ish wallpaper, and have reduce transparency turned on.

Microsoft’s latest app for the iPhone is Microsoft Selfie, which puts your self-portraits in a better light.

Over at MacStories, a deep dive into screenshot capture and annotation tools takes a look at the best apps on both iOS and Mac platforms. If you’ve been looking for a new app for your screenshot management, then there’s got to be something here to your liking.

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  1. recd says:

    No sure I understand how you could prove Apple deliberately crippled iPhone 4s .

  2. Cannot wait for the next update. iOS 9 and 9.1 improved my iPad 3’s performance drastically but 9.2 took most of it away again.

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