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Music Memos iconApple’s latest app is Music Memos, which is described as an app to quickly capture your song ideas whenever inspiration strikes. It’s essentially the music version of Notes musos have been looking for, recording high-quality uncompressed audio from the iPhone’s microphone or via an external microphone. You can even add backing drums and bass, which takes cues from your recording and intelligently adjusts according to how you’re playing.

Apple continued their music focus this morning with a major update to GarageBand, introducing a new feature called Live Loops which is a grid-based system of samples that you can customise to build your own electronic jam. It’s a pretty crazy feature that looks like a whole bunch of fun, and just like you might expect, comes with a set of built-in loops, or you can customise them yourself.

MacStories checks out both Music Memos and the Garageband update in context, saying the Music Memos is another example of a great Apple feature that would be harder to implement on the desktop. MacStories also says the GarageBand brings full support for the larger screen of the iPad Pro, too.

If you’ve wanted an Apple Watch from the fashion-minded Hermès Apple Watch collection but haven’t been able to get to one of the Apple Stores the collection is currently offered at, you’re in luck, because starting this Friday, Apple will be selling the Hermès Apple Watch collection on their online store.

Perhaps the unsung hero of yesterday’s iOS 9.2.1 update is a speed boost both for new devices and old, with AppleInsider claiming the update brings the snappy to Apple’s older iPhone 4s and 5 models when compared to the previous speed king, iOS 8.4.1.

Ben Keighran, co-founder of Chomp which was acquired by Apple in early 2012, and one who oversaw the look and feel of the new Apple TV software, is leaving Apple. 9to5Mac writes Chomp’s other co-founder already left Apple in 2014, but they say there’s a good chance Krighran worked on the Siri’s universal search feature on the new Apple TV.

While Apple has listed the Apple TV content providers, an interview with ESPN president over at the Wall Street Journal reveals Apple has expressed frustrations at not being able to reach deals with TV programmers for a TV service.

IMore writes about Google’s lack of app quality on the iPad Pro, one of the most significant devices for iOS productivity.

Music Tracker is a new app that tracks changes to your music library on your iOS device, telling you when songs are added, removed, or changed. Could be handy for those of you with Apple Music paranoia about the thing going belly-up and wiping your library, or swapping one of your tracks for a censored version or similar.

The Verge wonders what Apple’s next move is with the iPhone, now that everyone has caught onto metal and and glass devices. Sony’s Xperia range in particular brings the glass sandwich design to the spotlight, but where does Apple go from the aluminium and glass of the current iPhone lineup?

Notable Replies

  1. There are definitely some gorgeous phone hardware designs out there these days so I’ll be interested to see if Apple makes any changes this year. I won’t be leaving iOS anytime soon, I’ve tried many iterations of Android including stock and it just doesn’t do it for me.

    Whatever Apple comes out with I’m kind of hoping they release an updated 5C type design. At the time I thought it was a stupid idea, but my mum got one and in person they look and feel amazing.

    Re iOS 9.2.1 I have found it faster, but I’ve actually put that down to me doing a full re-install then restore from backup. I’m finding doing that, even though it’s a chore, makes things run a lot better on older devices. I am reading about the place that 9.3 makes some significant performance ground though.

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