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mac-os-x-public-beta-primary-100637715-largeApple is exiting the ad sales game. While iAds themselves won’t be going anywhere, the in-house team that sells advertising is going away in favour of a more traditional publisher-based scheme. Publishers selling iAds will keep 100% of the revenue they generate, and Apple doesn’t have to expend hours on something they’re not good at, as revealed to BuzzFeed.

9to5Mac reports Apple manufacturing partner Quanta will be starting trial Apple Watch 2 production this month, but as pointed out on the latest Reckoner podcast, isn’t it too soon for Apple to begin selling the next Apple Watch? Not in terms of launch countries, but if the Apple Watch was only just released in Malaysia and hasn’t even been released in Portugal, Hungary, or the Czech Republic, I wonder if this is all too soon.

Apple was the only PC manufacturer to see growth in worldwide PC shipments in Q4 2015, with Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, and Acer all reporting a year-on-year decline for the fifth straight quarter.

An Apple patent filing hints at waterproof iPhones, or if not, devices that are capable of monitoring and detecting changes in pressure which result in automated actions. It’s possible that this would be for a sudden immersion, but I’m wondering how well it would work in practice.

My “day and night Apple Watch” theory aside, I’m not really sure why Apple introduced the ability to pair to more than one Apple Watch at a time with the latest iOS 9.3 beta. Perhaps you have an older model that you use only for exercise tracking, or maybe Apple will be launching other wearables in the future, as theorised by The Next Web.

Six Colours posts about iOS gestures you may not have known about.

AgileBits tells us about the 1Password for Mac version 6, which brings further enhancements to multiple vaults, a better password generator, and iCloud sync, all part of a free update for existing owners of 1Password 4 and 5.

An update to Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 means Outlook can now be used in full-screen mode, and while I refuse to believe Word 2016 couldn’t save PDF files to USB sticks before, that’s apparently a listed feature of the update.

Dan Moren tells us about the time in 2015 where he had to author a DVD — personally I might have repressed the memory or disowned the family members involved, but then I wouldn’t have been able to write about it afterwards. A worthy trade-off, in my opinion.

Over at Macworld, Christopher Phin takes a different kind of walk down memory lane by revisiting the original OS X beta, Kodiak.

Notable Replies

  1. Erwin says:

    Never too soon to make more $$$.

    That would be good. Glasses would be interesting. Or your whole car could be a “wearable”.

    I’ve just literally finished getting rid of all my home DVDs, by converting them to digital format. Kept a few in digital file format for nostalgia.At least I converted all VHS 10 years ago…

  2. I think the only people saying that are the ones that bought Gen 1. I’m hoping Gen 2 has GPS, even if it’s in a separate battery operated band or something.

  3. kyte says:

    I’ll consider it this time around if it’s battery life is better than a day, and if it tracks sleep.

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