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ip701We’re just 7 days into the new year, and Apple’s first official communication for the year is them telling us about their record-breaking holiday season on the App Store. Apple’s press release says customers spent over $1.1 billion on apps and in-app purchases over the fortnight ending January 3rd, with January 1st marking the App Store’s biggest day in history with over $144 million spent.

If there’s a new iPhone to be released this year, then there might as well be iPhone part leaks. 9to5Mac brings us the first iPhone part leak of the year, claiming that the backlight assembly of the upcoming iPhone includes a 3D Touch controller shows that this is for the new iPhone, not the rumoured smaller iPhone.

A Space Black version of the Milanese Loop has shown up on Apple’s Czech online store, prompting rumours Apple will be releasing the popular Apple Watch band in a colour matching the space black stainless steel version of the Apple Watch.

A number of sources are reporting Apple has decreased iPhone orders from suppliers, which either means iPhone demand isn’t what it used to be, or Apple is simply cutting down on the number of new devices, in order to pave the way for the new iPhone launching later this year.

Apple has seeded the second beta of OS X 10.11.3 to developers and members of its public beta testing program. You know I have a keyboard macro for this sentence now, right?

Continuing the news from CES is Acer, who showed off USB-C compatible monitors that work with the Retina MacBook. Lenovo had similar offerings on display, although their monitors also came with DisplayPort ports for additional computer compatibility.

The Mac Observer shares three quick Numbers tips, for those of you that that use Apple’s spreadsheet productivity app. And unlike that seven minute YouTube video that showed one quick tip I watched the other day, these tips are actually reasonably quick.

Two stories tell the tale of Wi-Fi Assist woes, as one teenager blames Wi-Fi Assist for his $2,000 bill when he racked up 144GB of data on his mobile. But Macworld’s Glenn Fleishman says you can avoid all that, by simply understanding how Wi-Fi Assist works: it doesn’t pull data from apps in the background, for example, and you can’t use Wi-Fi Assist for third-party video and music streaming apps.

Over at iMore, Rene Ritchie says Apple can fix the App Store’s purchasing problem of only being able to buy apps on specific devices, or via iTunes on a computer.

While we’re all waiting for a new season of Rick and Morty, Touch Arcade reviews the upcoming Pocket Mortys game which is a lot like Pokémon crossed with Rick and Morty.

Notable Replies

  1. 144GB… in excess data… WOW

    From the article:

    But from Apples support site (which they link to):

    Note the SOME.

    In any case, that’s still a shit load of data in foreground apps… am I wrong in calling BS? Must be a hermit who sleeps with Netflix streaming on his phone??

  2. Or your usual teenager who discovered the more… nefarious side of the Internet.

  3. Yeah… but how much can you download in 2 minutes?

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