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imore-siri-remote-before-after-wish-list-compTechCrunch is asking the important questions this morning, starting off with the one about when we’ll see a new Apple Watch. It’s inevitable that we’ll see new Apple Watch hardware, but when? Predictions say a new Apple Watch could appear as early as March this year, but there’s been no other whisper on timing, especially not for something that could be labelled as the Apple Watch 2.0. I guess the longer Apple delays the new model, the less they have to worry about people who bought ultra-expensive Editions crying foul about upgrades.

Estimates indicate Apple could owe over $8 billion in European taxes. The European Commission is continuing its investigation into Ireland tax loopholes, but for now, it’s possible Apple could pay 12.5% tax on its $64.1 billion profits it took between 2004 and 2012.

Apple has acknowledged an inaccurate battery percentage bug on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which causes the battery indicator to not update, leading users to thinking their battery may be more charged than it actually is. Apple says the issue is caused when the iPhone enters a new time zone, or when the time zone changes automatically, with the current workaround being to manually adjust the time zone as required.

Apple has emailed customers to let them know it will be shutting down the free iTunes Radio service at the end of January. While iTunes Radio will continue to live on in the form of radio stations that require a paid Apple Music subscription, Apple’s current advice for those wanting free music is to listen to Beats 1, which is shame seeing as iTunes Radio is actually kind of great.

Gatekeeper is the software on your Mac that’s supposed to keep you safe, but Apple seems to be playing a lot of whack-a-mole, as Ars Technica puts it. Apple’s continued efforts to patch security vulnerabilities come as fast as exploits to discover them.

Macworld wonders if Apple’s iOS 9.3 release heralds a new release strategy for Apple, where they provide new features outside of the usual major version upgrades.

MacRumors asks the question about where Apple’s 5K Thunderbolt display is, given the company already offers an iMac with 5K display. Their explanation of the holdup is supply chain issues and connectivity, with a 5K display requiring dual Thunderbolt cables, at the very least.

Like every other app that is Sherlocked, F.lux should be proud their feature made it into an upcoming iOS release. But they want back into the App Store, and the company has written a blog post explaining their position.

Owners of the new Apple TV are complaining the device wakes from sleep spontaneously, turning on their TV and other peripherals and wasting power.

IMore has a couple of suggestions for Apple to fix the Siri remote, and they all start with addressing shortcomings of the input device.

Notable Replies

  1. Erwin says:

    What.The number of ports required are too damn high… (when all you get is 1 nowadays)…

  2. As much as I love my Thunderbolt display, I don’t think I would buy another one unless they added in support for non apple (and older apple) computers. Occasionally I have a PC for trouble shooting (or my 2010 Mac Mini) and can’t plug them into the Thunderbolt display, even as a dumb display which means I have to keep a spare monitor and/or use the TV over a HDMI. I also have the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 as a work machine and while it rarely makes it home, I can’t use the giant screen on my desk when it does :frowning:

    I’ve been tempted to sell off the Apple display in favour of something else (and then use my Belkin Thunderbolt Dock for 99% of the same functionality on the Mac) but it’s a lot of effort for those rare times I would use it.
    (and I’d lose the speakers and camera).

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