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redesigned_adapterApple’s latest acquisition is LearnSprout, an education analytics company. LearnSprout is used by educators to track student performance and other metrics, and with Apple’s renewed focus on education tools with recent iOS features, this kind of software acqusition makes perfect sense and lines up with previous Apple acquisitions.

After identifying an issue where AC wall plug adapters could cause an electric shock if touched, Apple has begun an AC Wall Plug Adapter Exchange Program. Affected wall plugs were shipped with both Mac and iOS devices in a number of countries, including Australia. Apple has published a handy guide on identifying if your wall plug is affected by the issue, although verification of your serial number is required. Our discussion has more info.

A hidden feature of the iPad Pro allows it to update the firmware of accessories, with one developer discovering the feature after the iPad Pro updated the firmware on his Logitech Create keyboard. It’s unknown whether this is possible over Lightning or whether it requires the Smart Connector found on the iPad Pro, but anything is possible.

A questionable rumour from DigiTimes claims the next iPad Air will come with a 4K display and 4GB RAM, although I think that’s mostly wishful thinking rather than something based on evidence.

Supply chain sources also claim production is underway for Apple’s smaller-screened iPhone, which will either be an iPhone 5se or iPhone 6c, as described by 9to5Mac and AppleInsider, respectively. Perhaps they’re two different devices, although I’m not sure I can see Apple bringing out two new four-inch iPhone models, especially with the current iPhone lineup already being complicated.

Another rumour claims Apple will be developing support for paid/subscription based content for its News app. Moving to a more sustainable revenue model on the web without resorting to begging for donations or starting up a Patreon is a problem every website faces (yes, including us), so maybe this will be a good thing.

Ars Technica details the changes to Chrome on iOS that make it use the same web-display API as Safari means it will finally be on par with the speed and stability of Mobile Safari.

Over at Macworld, Christopher Phin has the complete and easy guide to backing up your Mac. Everyone should be running a Time Machine backup at the very least, but what about other backup options?

Panic’s 2015 report might not have the same big numbers as Apple’s latest quarterly financials, but does bring as much insight into the world of selling iOS and Mac apps.

Over at 512 Pixels, Thomas Brand tells us about the most upgradable portable Mac ever. Find out which one it is after the jump!

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