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downloadTaylor Swift has announced her 1989 World Tour Live concert video will be an Apple Music exclusive, available to both subscribers and members currently on the free trial. Re/code says Apple will also get to use Swift’s likeness in promotional materials, which includes Swift-branded iTunes Gift Cards, something I absolutely need to get my hands on, provided they’re available in Australia.

New additions to the Apple TV lineup are the BBC’s iPlayer, which works well if you’ve got a DNS or VPN service that lets you access the service from Australia. Also on the new Apple TV is SBS’s On Demand app, which provides catch-up services for (re)watching content after it has aired on free-to-air TV.

An Apple job posting for an Assistant Editor calls for Adobe Premiere experience, but Final Cut Pro X is nowhere to be seen. Seeing as the posting is for a position in the Beats house, I’m not sure this is as big a deal as some outlets are making it, but it’s certainly interesting that an Apple-owned company isn’t using Apple software.

Apple has been granted a design patent for the cylindrical Mac Pro, which I remind you has not been updated since 2009. That’s not saying it’s no longer the workstation it was designed to be — the Mac Pro is still one of the fastest machines out there — but in terms of computer years, it’s almost ancient.

Apple has come out and said they’re looking at bringing Siri Remote features to the iPhone, but what does it all mean? Jason Snell explains the Apple TV remote strategy as turning your iPhone into a secondary Siri remote for your Apple TV, for when you can’t find your actual Siri Remote.

App Animations is a single-serving website which collects animations from iOS apps that are particularly cool-looking.

There’s a broader problem with Apple design that isn’t limited to the hump on the Smart Battery Case, and it’s that Apple has a schizophrenic attitude towards design. Whatever that means.

9to5Mac also has a piece which tells us about one writer’s two favourite Apple products from this year that will last for years.

In case you’re looking for some gift ideas, Touch Arcade has a review of the Steelseries Nimbus, which might just make an ideal companion for anyone who’s recently picked up the new Apple TV.

If you’re into that sort of thing, 9to5Mac has a guide on creating Christmas-themed stations and playlists with Apple Music.

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    The screensaver on every Mac at Doncaster is an ad for this. Taylor, Taylor everywhere.

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