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6883035205_a12864f19e_bIn revealing the best apps and games on the new Apple TV, BuzzFeed talked to Apple SVP Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue about the new Apple TV and the future of television. Cue says Apple is seeing a very similar thing happening on the Apple TV that also happened on the iPhone with regards to games, and also unveiled details about a new app for the iPhone that would give you all the features of the Siri Remote on your iPhone.

Despite casual gaming taking off on the Apple TV, Apple must still have other plans for the device. MacRumors writes the CEO of CBS claiming Apple “pressed the hold button” on a streaming service, which would enable Americans to cut their cable subscription in favour of a streaming alternative. Previous rumours corroborate the story, which say Apple was in talks with content providers, but suddenly stopped talking to them.

A story from Boy Genius Report gives us the “goldmine of top-secret information“, and that’s the last time I’ll use quotation marks in this new post, I promise. It’s all tidbits from Apple’s recent court battles with Samsung, which reveal such oddities as an octagonal iPhone, iPads with kickstands, and of course, Steve Jobs’ holy war with Android.

Over at The Verge, Nilay Patel claims Apple’s design for the Smart Battery Case is kinda goofy because it was designed around Mophie’s patents. Apple needed some way to differentiate themselves from the pack, and while they could have added wireless charging to the Smart Battery Case, that would have opened up an entirely new can of worms.

A follow-up piece, also from The Verge, wonders what happened to Apple design. From the unusable-while-charging Magic Mouse 2, asymmetrical Smart Keyboard case, and more, the most egregious of which is that damned iPhone 6 camera bulge. As the article states, none of these are particularly deal-breaking, but represent a small regression in attention to detail from a company that is renowned for sweating the small stuff.

Apple’s Maps may not have the best data (although it’s slowly improving), but there’s something to be said for being the pre-installed and integrated mapping app on iOS, because Apple Maps is apparently being used three times as often than its closest competitor, Google Maps.

Apple has updated a support document to say that updating to iOS 9.2 might fix the issue experienced by some users regarding iPad Pro blackouts.

MacRumors shares a number of changes with the latest iOS 9.2 update, including Top Stories in Apple News, Mail Drop in iOS for the first time, and improvements to the Safari View Controller used by many updated apps. Meanwhile, iOS 9.2 also allows the iPhone to connect to all sorts of third-party gear via the Lighting to USB adapter.

Macworld claims the best speakers Apple ever made are the Apple Pro Speakers. I still have a set of these — the USB cord is a little frayed, but they’re still pretty cool-looking.

Apple’s latest TV ad tells us about the future of television, and combined with new billboards showing off recognisable TV series logos and characters, show off TV shows, movies, and games on the new Apple TV.

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  1. I still use Google maps over Apple maps on my phone… but every now and again I get caught out with the integration (with Siri or a link) and use Apple maps. I have to say it’s pretty good these days, at least in the way I’ve used it while driving.
    (It’s also pretty cool when your watch taps you while walking so you know where to turn… although I’m way too paranoid to actually rely on it getting it right and am usually checking the phone screen anyway).

  2. recd says:

    The lampshade iMac, which included these speakers, was the best iMac design ever

  3. Yeah, the Creatures are pretty iconic. Like the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks, they’ve been around for ages, too.

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