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15119-11172-hamburg_wad_2015-lApple has turned the Apple Logo red at a number of Apple Stores across the globe, marking World Aids Day on December 1. The company also announced that proceeds from the sales of (Product)RED, uh, products, had reached over $100 million.

It’s fascinating to see how one unconfirmed rumour has stirred the Apple blogosphere into a frenzy. MacStories says removing the 3.5mm audio jack is inevitable, and the only question that remains is when Apple will get rid of the legacy headphone jack, not if. They suggest that it’s possible for Apple to hold out for a few more years before ditching it — but if the next iPhone has the headphone jack, the next major redesign probably won’t.

The Verge takes the more rational approach, claiming we don’t need a thinner iPhone. And it’s true, there’s no reason we need a thinner device when we already have devices as svelte as they are. Perhaps instead of removing the 3.5mm headphone jack, it’s time for Apple to push the world forward by introducing a new standard for audio connections — if not Lightning, then something else.

TouchArcade says there’s actually two parts to the story, one being the rumour of the removal of the headphone jack altogether, and the other being a patent application for removal of a portion of the headphone plug itself to shave precious millimetres off the thickness. And if you’re asking why an iOS-gaming blog is weighing in on the debate, the answer is probably pageviews.

Pro-grade composition app Sketch by Bohemian Coding is leaving the Mac App Store, citing a death by a thousand cuts as the reason for their migration away from Apple’s distribution point. Selling Sketch directly has a number of benefits over being in Apple’s distribution channel, as detailed in their explanation post.

Sketch follows in BBEdit’s and Coda’s footsteps by moving away from the Mac App Store, and it probably won’t be the last pro-grade app to do so. It’s a stark contrast to the iOS App Store, which, due to it being the only viable distribution method for iOS apps, is subject with the same kind of burdens. Over at iMore, Rene Ritchie talks about the contrast between the two App Stores.

Jason Snell explains what the “Optimise Mac Storage” option actually does in Photos for Mac.

Apple World Today says future iOS docks could have a retractable Lightning connector.

Two new Apple ads show us how powerful the iPhone 6s is, and how useful the always-on Hey Siri feature is for finding out stuff you want to know about.

Microsoft has called a truce with Apple, at least according to their latest TV ad. The Verge says it’s just Redmond keeping their friends close, and their enemies closer.

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  1. I wonder somewhere if Apple themselves leak future concepts like removing the headphone jack to both guage the market response and soften the landing if/when they do something.

    Take this headphone thing… you’ve got almost a year before the new iPhone would be released for people to debate the pros and cons and by the time it comes out the main stream media would have talked it to death and it would likely become "as rumoured Apple have removed the headphone jack in favour of … " with no further discussion. All the tech nerds will be over it to and the rest of the market probably doesn’t care too much :stuck_out_tongue:

    As has been said, there isn’t really anything to add, it’s functional and compact. 2.5mm?? Can’t see them just making a smaller one. USB C… that would make sense. But then Apple have invested heavily in lightning, would they really ditch that after only three years?

    Unless I’m missing something this looks a lot like what 3rd party docks have done for a long time. We have a logitech dock with a 30 pin connector that sort of pivots to protect the plug, make it easier to get in and the spring mechanism means that it forces the device to lean back so it can be supported by the frame rather than using the connector plug and socket to hold up the whole device.

    EDIT: This looks like the one we have:

  2. avolve says:

    That’s pretty much my take on this…

  3. Younge says:


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