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appletvbillboardApple’s latest ad campaign takes to the streets, showing off broadcast television test patterns while promoting the new Apple TV. The colourful bars are now being shown across the US, featuring colours reminiscent of the original colourful Apple logo.

Suddenly, there are now more Apple Stores in China than there are in Australia. I knew Apple’s plans for the region were aggressive to the tune of 40 Apple Stores by next October, but had no idea there are now 26 Apple Stores in the region. Number 27 opens this Saturday, and for a country that got its first Apple Store only a month after our own, that’s not bad going.

Apple is also targeting a February launch for Apple Pay in China, which for once includes national banks instead of the Amex-exclusive Apple Pay deal Canadians and Australians were shafted with.

IFixit have taken apart the Smart Keyboard. Somewhat unsurprisingly, it’s not possible to put it back together after you’ve taken it apart, earning it a zero out of 10 on the repairability scale. But not that you’d want to anyway, unless your real goal was seeing how it worked, or what materials it was made of — which is exactly what iFixit have done.

A review of the Apple Pencil from a self-confessed pen addict (and over at the website Pen Addict) says the Apple Pencil is the input device we were all waiting for, and hands-down the best stylus money can buy.

Apple Pencil praise aside, there are some things you can’t do with Apple’s stylus, as explained by AppleInsider. For one, you can’t use it to perform actions that require swiping in from the edge, as those aren’t recognised by the iPad.

A jailbreak hack to use 3D Touch features on the new iPad Pro via the Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity now exists. 9to5Mac says it’s cool because we can use the Apple Pencil as more of a traditional stylus than drawing/annotating one, and the hack also brings an iPhone-exclusive feature to the iPad.

With the addition of the iPad Pro, the iPad product range becomes a fraction more complicated. Macworld’s Jason Snell gives you the breakdown of how to choose between the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini.

Apple World Today continues their exploration of Apple products and services that seem to overlap, this time explaining the difference between iCloud Photo Sharing and Photo Stream, and why you’d want to use one over the other.

Touch Arcade says Time’s Game of the Year is Prune, an intriguing mobile game. It’s also notable that it’s the second straight year a mobile game has won the title, which says a lot about the shifting face of gaming.

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